Monday, May 27, 2019

The Prodigy (2019)

The poor reviews of creepy kid movies have never stopped me from watching one, and The Prodigy is no exception.  Ever since I became a mom, I get even more terrified by these possessed little monsters and you for sure can't keep me away from Piper Chapman facing off with a demonspawn.

After a long struggle to get pregnant, Sarah and John (Taylor Schilling and Peter Mooney) finally have their son Miles (Jackson Robert Scott aka Georgie from the IT remake).  From the start, Miles is very clearly gifted, much to Sarah's excitement.  But as advanced as Miles is academically, he seems to be just as psychotic.  Bad things keep happening as Sarah and John try to get to the bottom of their son's horrifying behavior, and perhaps save him and their family. 

Side note, the reincarnation specialist is Colm Feore, from one of the most underrated Stephen King movies, Storm of the Century.  Nice!

I think a lot of people were annoyed with this movie because they gave away the "twist" fairly early, but I didn't mind it and I found the supernatural aspect in this case to fit pretty well.  The plot holes and weird decisions made by adults were problematic -- for example, why was he still in school after beating a child with a crowbar?!  But overall, I found this entertaining and Miles was creepy AF.