Monday, February 18, 2019

Final Destination (2000)

Nostalgia day rolls on in my living room and it turns out I've never written a review of the original Final Destination.  WTF.  A classic.   In 2000, I was 17, I had just survived Y2K and I was LOVING this movie in the theaters. Bring me Devon Sawa and Ali Larter and let's rolll.

Pre-9/11 airports always seem so carefree.  Remember when you just kinda waltzed into an airport?  People say that this movie reminds them that they're scared of flying -- flying doesn't scare me as much as it's annoying and squished and inconvenient.  But alas, we all know that the premise of Final Destination is the plane crash, where only a few survive and "cheat death."  Which then continues into multiple sequels that we all know and love.

So now that the few have cheated death, the race to survive begins.  Death is still out to get them, since it missed with the plane.  And isn't the glory of these movies?  The increasingly inventive and cringe-worthy deaths?  This was a new horror concept That's what we all enjoy about the franchise so much -- that thought that it could happen to us all?