Saturday, February 24, 2018

Curse of Chucky (2013)

Mom brain in full effect, I actually started to write a review of Cult of Chucky and I was like hold on, did I ever see Curse of Chucky?  It seems familiar but I can't find a review anywhere on my site, so we'll tackle this one first and then move on to Cult.

Wheelchair-bound Nica (Fiona Dourif, Brad's daughter), accepts a package containing Chucky.  Both she and her mother, Sarah are confused about the delivery, but decide to give the doll to Nica's niece, Alice.  But before that can happen, her mother dies of stab wounds, which everyone comes to believe is a suicide.

Nica's sister and brother in law arrive with their niece and nanny.  Chucky wastes no time adding rat poison to one of the dinner bowls.  It's like chili roulette!  Unfortunately, the priest eats the chili, and then, like most Chucky movies, it's just murder dominoes from there on out.  The residents of the house have accepted and embraced Chucky (especially Alice!) and once Nica decides to employ the google machine, it's too late!

Chucky is traipsing throughout the house, looking like Michael Jackson, while people on three separate computers realize this was all a damn mistake.  Through flashbacks, it's revealed that Charles Lee Ray had a relationship with Nica's family, which resulted in him stabbing a pregnant Sarah and paralyzing Nica from birth.  Which also ultimately leads to Charles's human death.  Nica uses a well-timed questioning of Chucky's manhood to literally get one step ahead....but sadly, off the the mental institution. 

Chucky proposes a game of "hide the soul" to Alice, who accepts!  And then, luckily, we get the return of Andy (now an adult Alex Vincent) accepting the delivery of Chucky (from Tiffany, no less!) which opens us up to yet another sequel!  Whee!!