Saturday, February 24, 2018

Cult of Chucky (2017)

Can there ever be too many Chucky movies?  I think we all know the answer is no.  As long as Brad Dourif walks this earth, we're getting Chucky movies, whether we want them or not.  So let's go, Chucky #7!

Andy Barclay (fuck yeah, Alex Vincent!) is on the worst date ever, where he's being interrogated by a nervous redhead about his Chucky-related past.  I'm confused as to why having a possessed doll in your past keeps you from being a good mate, but I probably am more tolerating than most.  Andy returns to his log cabin of beer and weaponry and we find out that he has kept Chucky's (living!) head in a safe to torment and chat with. 

Meanwhile, Nica has been transferred to a lower security psych hospital, where things are going...not so well.  Nica believes she committed all the murders, due to aggressive therapy and electroshock treatment, but a new paramour immediately mentions Chucky's involvement.  Meanwhile, Chucky dolls are practically falling from the sky -- first in therapy, and then delivered by Tiffany. 

While Chucky terrorizes the hospital, the staff attributes it to mass hysteria a al Nightmare on Elm Street 3.  Also is it not so weird how hyper realistic Chucky gets with each movie?  I think I prefer the old Chucky.  Another character that's going a little downhill in this installment is Tiffany/Jennifer.  What was previously adorable and spastic (possibly Harley Quinn-esque) has now become jittery and forced. 

Also remember how Alex Vincent was looking all lame and apologetic at the beginning and now he's all hot and angry?!  Come to mama.  Why haven't I caught him on the convention circuit yet?  As the bodies get carried out, Dr. Foley finds himself in hot water.  Meanwhile, you could make an entire horror movie about his sexually abusive ass. 

I feel like this whole transfer to multiple dolls and the splitting of souls was too far-fetched, even for a Chucky movie.  Also confusing as to why Andy thought that shooting one Chucky would kill all the Chuckies when obviously there were lots of Chuckies.  Gahhhh.  And I know we always want to leave this open to another sequel, but now we're digging up Andy's former foster sister from like five movies ago?! 


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