Monday, February 19, 2018

Pin (1988)

I read something about this movie recently, and I was like holy crap this is TOO fucked up, I have to see it right away.  One of my new year's resolutions is to devote more time to this blog, and that means actually sitting down and writing when I have free time instead of zoning out and watching reality TV.

Sometimes these obscure older movies are hard to find online (and we're a streaming only house for years now) but luckily some of them lurk on YouTube.  It doesn't take long before this movie is totally fucked.  Leon and his sister Ursula live with their weird parents, where they are fairly isolated and friendless.  Their father is a pediatrician, and he has a lifelike anatomical dummy called Pin, who he makes "talk" to the children and patients via ventriloquism.  It is creepy as HELL and I have no idea why any parents are taking their kids to this psychotic doctor.  And just when you think this can't get any weirder, a nurse bangs the doll while the kid watches.  For real, this is all less than 15 minutes into the movie.

It's no surprise these two grow up a little weird -- Ursula looking at Playboy before puberty, and Leon beating up guys she's having sex with as a teenager.  After the death of their parents, with Pin in the car, no less, Leon's obsession with Pin grows, much to Ursula's dismay. Ursula does her best to live a "normal" life, while Leon does his best to sabotage it. He begins to have conversations with Pin using ventriloquism.  While Ursula has a seemingly normal romantic relationship with a young man from college, Leon tells a topless young woman that he can't hook up with her while Pin is in the house.  And hold up, is Pin motorized now?!  Damn.

Pin is basically a part of the family, while Ursula tries to balance the relationship with her brother along with her boyfriend. Pin gets blamed for some gruesome actions, but is it Pin...or Leon?  This movie has a pretty sweet ending, and did you know the voice of Pin is Mike from Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul?!

If you like bizarre, campy, creepy movies, you cannot miss Pin.  I only see it available streaming via YouTube, but you can also purchase the DVD on Amazon.