Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Mist (TV Series) - Season 1, Episode 2 - "Withdrawal"

Police Chief Connor Heisel aka Jay's dad (Darren Pettie) has decided to say f it to the poor suckers at the police station, and hightailed it out of there, leaving them behind and almost immediately hitting a moose.  That's what you get for being an asshole, right?  Post-husband's death, Nathalie has taken refuge in the church.  Meanwhile, in the mall, Eve and Alex are being questioned by the mall manager.  All the people here seem to have way too much faith in the incompetent police force coming to save the day. I'm pretty sure they're all dead or hitting moose at this point.  The mall manager determines that locking the (glass) mall doors will keep everything out.

Back at the police station, Mia searches the evidence room for opiates.  Kyle agrees to not tell Kevin about her addiction, if she doesn't take any pills.  Kimmi, Eve and Alex are assigned to lock a set of doors, and on their way back, they spot a dead man in a restricted area that is filled with mist.  Eve reports it to the mall manager, who brightens at the mention of Homeland Security-issued radios, until he realizes they reside in the wing that is now filled with mist.  Womp womp.

Back at the police station, Kevin, Kyle, Mia and Adrian run into the mist to get into a police car.  They drive away without incident, for now.  The mall people. already becoming reminiscent of Dawn of the Dead, use a drone to investigate the mist-filled wing.  They determine the mist entered through an open window, and find a dead body, which consequently causes the drone to be stuck in blood.

For some reason, the jail crew chooses Mia to drive, even though it's quite obvious that she's withdrawing hardcore.  She almost immediately crashes the car while trying to avoid a carjacking, and the windows begin to crack and expose them to the mist.  They, too, find refuge in the church, where of course they find the police chief that deserted them.

Back at the mall, Eve's name gets drawn to go into the mist and body-filled administrative wing.  Luckily, someone volunteers to accompany her.  Not the mall manager, who is awful, but Clint, who we know little about.  Poor Mia is going through withdrawal in a church, which seems like a horrible place to go through that.  Back at the mall, Clint calls for "Arrowhead" on the radio, which was the badge on Kyle's shirt.  Significance!  Eve gets freaked and tries to run, grabbing his gun in the process, and ultimately shooting him.  She runs back to the mist with her newfound firearm, but nothing to report on the contacting help front.

Eve lies, saying that she and Clint lost each other in the hall, and says the radio didn't work.  At the church, Nathalie is busting out the communion wine, saying she wants to make a toast to her deceased husband.  She actually tells a really lovely story about them meeting as young, broke hippies and never losing their love of making spaghetti and drinking cheap wine.  The narc police chief comes around and nabs Adrian for "underage drinking," throwing in a jab at Alex's rape in the process.

At the mall, Jay goes to use the bathroom and finds Clint's friends, who no one has ever seen before, hanging in the bathroom.  At the church, Kyle admits to Mia that he saw her mother in the mist as well!