Saturday, July 22, 2017

The Mist (TV Series) - Season 1, Episode 3 - "Show and Tell"

So things at the church are looking pretty boring, I guess to be expected.  Kevin and Adrian muse about the possibility that everyone they know is dead, but Kevin spots a car that they hope Mia can hotwire.

Back at the mall, things aren't much better.  Alex is going through a ton of shit, not the least of which is being trapped in the mall with the guy who allegedly raped her (Jay).  The useless mall manager, Gus, and a security guy help Jay cut down the people who hung themselves.  Ensuring they will truly upset everyone, they wheel the dead bodies right through the crowd, announcing that the deceased are members of the Army.  Gus laments about how leaving the dead bodies in the mall will shut down the food court for life.  Nice thinking, bro! No one cares about the longevity of the stupid food court.

At the church, Nathalie is waxing poetic about nature and her conspiracy theories, which will probably all mean something later, but no one will pay attention.  Kevin tries to reason with Connor to let him, Mia, Kyle and Adrian leave to go to the mall, but Connor insists that Kyle and Mia are still prisoners, and tosses them in the basement instead.  Mia is still looking for pulls, and Kyle gives in, as well as unlocking her handcuffs, seemingly all as a promise of future trust.

Kevin is still all about busting out Mia, but Adrian is wary, now that she's been accused of murder.  Turns out she can hotwire a car, and the escape plan is on.  Adrian speaks to the priest, pointing out that God doesn't love him because he is gay.  The priest, surprisingly, asserts that being gay is not a sin.  Connor steps in, accusing Adrian of the sin of lying by saying Jay raped Alex.  Adrian stands by his claim, and Connor confronts Kevin, saying that Alex "sleeps around" like her mother, Eve.  And now, Kevin's in the basement with the people he planned on rescuing.  Ooops.

At the mall, the game store guys have plotted to use the dead bodies as bait to see what type of creatures arrive.  Eve and Alex planned to set up a new "camp," far away from Jay.  But Jay follows Alex into a store, telling a story about how he put her to sleep in a room alone, but did not rape her.  He weirdly touches her hand and "doesn't hurt her" as proof, and Alex seems conflicted.

At the church, Nathalie says her goodbyes and plans to go home.  You know, through the mist and everything.  The man she was chatting with earlier (I can't figure out his name?) follows her out, and gets inhabited by moths.  Nathalie decides to stay in the church after all, since she's now "seen God," much to the shock of the priest.

At the mall, the game store guys are in trouble for their little corpse experiment, and Gus decides there needs to be rules.  And while I understand Eve's concern about Alex's maybe-rapist, I don't know that moving them to a secluded area of the mall is the best plan.  At the church, I thought Adrian was just distracting the priest with the whole God chat but it seems like he might be serious, as he requests to be baptized.  At the mall, as soon as they start writing the rules down, people immediately splinter off into a "move out" group, that are not going to follow the rules.  Jay begs Alex to stay, and Eve whips out a gun.

At the church, a weird teenage baptism is going on in the midst of all of this.  And FUCKING A YES, it WAS a cover, as Adrian steals the keys!  Basement escape in 3, 2, 1....

At the mall, people release balloons with SOS notes on them.  It's praised as a great idea, but I'm not so sure.  Balloons in the mist doesn't seem so brilliant to me.  Until next ep!