Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Mist (TV Series) - Season 1, Episode 1 - "Pilot"

When this blog was running full speed (something I'm trying to get back to again), TV show recaps were some of my most popular and searched posts.  Writing TV recaps is time-consuming, but reading them is awesome.  It's great to see people's views on different shows and episodes, and notice things that you may have missed.  So just a reminder, my recaps are full-on recaps, and not reviews, so spoilers abound!

The Mist was already a movie, but turns out we need a TV show too!  This one is not a remake of the novella and movie, but a re-imagination.  In the town of Bridgeton, Maine, there is a lot going on.  Eve Copeland (Alyssa Sutherland) is being put on administrative leave from her teaching job.  Kyle (Romaine Waite) is horrified in the woods as an unknown entity attacks his dog.  Alex (Gus Birney) deals with teenage angst and a crush on the high school quarterback (Jay) along with her gay best friend Adrian (Russell Posner).  Mia (Danica Kuric) is beaten for "information", and then returns home to her mother's abandoned house to retrieve money and identification, before being pursued by police.  She and Kyle both end up in jail together.

Jay (Luke Cosgrove) invites Alex to a party to celebrate the team's win, and dad Kevin (Morgan Spector) agrees that she can attend, as long as she goes with Adrian.  Eve was against her daughter attending the party, and unfortunately, the events take a dark turn as Alex is drugged and raped.    Eve, furious at Kevin for allowing Alex to attend the ill-fated party, prepares to take Alex to go stay at her sister's, and she insists that Kevin stays behind.  Jay is arrested for the crime he is accused of, but the police assure him that all will be fine.

As Kevin and Adrian are at the police station, the mist rolls in from the mountain, just as Nathalie Raven (Frances Conroy) researches the recent mass exodus of animals at the library,  Officer Pundik goes to take selfies in the mist and is attacked by large bugs.  As Nathalie and her husband exit the library into the mist, which they believe to be reminiscent of a romantic weekend they spent on the lake, they are attacked by a man demanding to know if they are real.  The man ends up shooting her husband, and then himself, claiming it's hard to know what is real.

When Kevin goes back into the police station to retrieve Adrian, he hears Mia and Kyle yelling to be released.  Eve gets confronted by an angry mom in the pharmacy as Alex seethes in the car, which begins to be covered in mist.  Alex and her mom rush inside to safety and the bitchy mom gets her due as she runs outside despite their warnings.  The dramas rage on, as Jay is at the mall with Alex and Eve, and Mia saves Kevin from someone attacking him after returning from the mist.

Wow, writing pilot recaps is hard because you don't know any of the characters yet, and I had to keep googling and toggling to IMDB and Wikipedia to keep track of everything!  This show looks pretty cool so far, and I'm going to have a few of these ready in a row since I'm behind on the season already.