Wednesday, November 6, 2013

American Horror Story: Coven - Burn, Witch, Burn!

Back to the 1800s and Delphine is having a Halloween party.  She's seemingly doing one of those things where you touch spaghetti and they say its brains.  But it's actually really the eyeballs and intestines of the slaves!  Delphine's daughters plot to kill her.  As revenge, she locks her daughters in the attic with the slaves.

Back to present day and the zombie invasion.  Also, Cordelia with the acid in her face!  In the hospital, we find out they "couldn't save her eyesight." Marie is levitating, and the cutie from next door thinks that the zombies are a Halloween prank.  Nan saves the man candy and they barricade themselves into a car, while the girls inside seek out higher ground.  In the hospital, Fiona goes looking for meds.  Now wasted, she goes wandering around the hospital until she finds some poor girl with a dead baby.  She makes the woman hold and talk to her baby, and does a spell to make the baby live again.

Zoe distracts the zombies with some pans, and runs and hides.  Delphine goes to get ice for Queenie and runs into her zombie daughter.  She begs for forgiveness, but the zombie is not having that.  Queenie sends Spaulding to check on Delphine, but the zombies are already inside.  Queenie tries to use her voodoo powers on the undead, without much success, but a fire poker wielded by Delphine does the trick.

Meanwhile, outside, Zoe comes to the rescue with a chainsaw, looking very Ash from Evil Dead.  She says a phrase, and somehow undoes Marie's spell.  Cordelia's husband arrives at the hospital, and he and Fiona have it out.  Cordelia opens her now-sightless eyes and sees when her husband was banging that maid from the first season.

Fiona returns to the house and they burn Delphine's daughters.  Fiona is very happy with how Zoe performed, and do we think she's the next Supreme?!  The council is back, and they're probably none too happy to see the burning bodies in the yard.  The council demands that Fiona abdicate as Supreme, and the council will rule the coven until the new Supreme shows herself.

Fiona reveals that Myrtle has been involved in all of this, and that she was the one who threw the acid in Cordelia's face.  The council votes that she be burned at the stake.  She claims that she will go proudly.  Fiona is thrilled, of course.  Before she burns, Myrtle states that everyone is just pawns in Fiona's game and they won't know it until it is too late.

So it turns out that Queenie used her voodoo to make Myrtle have the acid burns on her hand.  Fiona hints that Queenie could be the next Supreme, even though we know that is not true.  Misty goes to the scene of Myrtle's death and caresses her head.  Random ending!  Until next week.

You don't mess with the Supreme