Sunday, November 3, 2013

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 4: Indifference

Rick rewraps the hand injury that he got from his beatdown on Tyrese.  Carol goes to visit her little adopted child, Lizzie, in the isolation.  The little girl is pretty much being a doomsayer about how everyone that is sick is going to die.  Carol preaches that she should be ready to kill if she has to, in order to survive.  Remember when she was super wishy washy as well?  She's come a long way since season 1, and even Sophia's death.

Daryl's group is in search of a new car, and Carol and Rick go on a run of their own.  Carol explains her reasoning for killing the two people.  I'm starting to think that Michonne and Daryl have sort of an attraction going on, especially because he keeps wanting her to stay at the prison.

Carol and Rick find signs of life on their trek.  Daryl's group finds an abandoned gas station with a possible car they can use.  But also, walkers.  Scream King is surprised that the place has become totally overgrown/blocked by vegetation, but the whole storyline of these seasons is well over a year, right?

Carol and Rick kinda break into someone's house and this zombie falls down the stairs into them.  Am I crazy for thinking this is the first time I've seen a zombie kind of like trip up?  It was weird seeing it have an accident of sorts.  An upstairs door opens and there's a young couple bearing fruit.  Actual fruit like from a tree.  Rick keeps the gun pointed, but they are both kinda gaping in amazement.

The guy's shoulder is dislocated, and Carol has to fix it, while I close my eyes and plug my ears.  The two got separated from their group, and of course, Rick is willing to bring them back, as long as they answer the three questions.  Daryl's group makes their way into the garage to look for a battery.  Tyrese and Michonne lecture each other on anger.  Michonne admits that she doesn't know why she keeps looking for the Governor.

Rick is perplexed by this couple, who genuinely want to help.  Bob tells Daryl the reason that he went to the Big Spot run (booze) and the reason they attracted the walkers (him putting the booze back).  Daryl forgives him pretty quickly.  Carol and Rick dig through houses for food and medication, but also pretty much lecture each other about reasons for killing people.

Daryl's group finally makes it to the college, and goes in search of the medicine.  Carol explains that she knows how to fix dislocated shoulders because she fixed her own after her husband abused her.  Rick calls her out for not acknowledging Sophia, but then regales her with stories of Lori making terrible pancakes.  Because Lori is terrible.   They go to leave the yard where they were gathering veggies and see that one half of the young couple is being snacked on by some zombies.  Carol shows absolutely no reaction, and Rick is either terrified or very turned on.

Daryl's group scoops up all the medicine and they're ready to roll.  Wellll, except for all the zombies in the building.  Another zombie gets tripped up and falls!  Is this significant in some way?  Back in the neighborhood, Carol and Rick wait on Sam, who is late.  Rick thinks they should wait longer, but newly-heartless Carol thinks they should just get back to the prison.

This alcoholic-Bob storyline is actually becoming super-important.  As the group struggles to get out of the building, Bob almost loses his bag.  He fights to get it back, and once he regains it, Daryl learns that only booze is inside.  That is when Daryl LOSES HIS FUCKING SHIT, but also lets him keep the bottle, not to take a drink until they get back to the prison.

Rick makes a lot of threats against Carol, because of her killing the people and all.  I'm feeling for her a little bit, because I do think she was trying to do the right thing.  He basically says that she will be ostracized by the other people at the prison, so she just better start getting a move on now.  Back at the school, Daryl and the group get a start back to the prison, with Michonne agreeing that the trail on the Governor has gone cold.  Carol gets in a car and takes off on her own.  This is making me unreasonably sad, and I think Rick is OVERREACTING.  He drives away alone, and keeps checking the rearview for Carol.  Until next week!!