Wednesday, November 13, 2013

American Horror Story Coven: The Axeman Cometh

So did everyone hear that Stevie Nicks is going to be on AHS?  Badass!  Misty will be so freakin' thrilled.

Okay, so this week!  We begin with New Orleans 1919 and some dude narrating and working on a typewriter.  Oh, he's the axeman.  They show him killing the surgeon and his wife from the first season.  The Axeman threatens to attack any house that is not playing jazz music.  The witches decide to make a stand, and play opera music instead.  Axeman enters the house, and they stab him repeatedly.

Back in the present day, and Zoe is cleaning out Madison's stuff.  She finds a random room which includes some old pictures and an Oujia board.  They talk to the Axeman and Queenie flips out.  Back at the hospital, Fiona is getting cancer treatment -- did I miss something?  She can also now hear people's thoughts.

Meanwhile, Zoe wants to contact the Axeman again to locate Madison.  He tells her (via the board) to look in the attic, which is of course where Spaulding has her stashed.  Cordelia returns home and still sees her husband banging that redhead.  The girls torture Spaulding to tell the truth about Madison, but he just says (thinks?) that he did it for sex.

Kyle is back at Misty's house and she's giving him a bath.  He is traumatized since his mom used to bang him.  But he is saved by Zoe. Oh, also, Misty is growing a human in her garden, Motel Hell-style.  Cordelia's husband visits Marie Leveau.  

Zoe has to chain Kyle up, since he insists on tearing everything apart.  They get to work on bringing Madison back to life even though girlfriend is looking seriously worse for the wear.  She sits up and her first sentence is, "I need a cigarette."

Apparently Marie hired Cordelia's husband to be a witch hunter.  The readhead he has been banging was one of the witches that Cordelia interviewed some time ago.  Marie has had enough of how long he is taking to gather all the witches, so she gives him one more chance to bring all the witches to her.  Cordelia gets ready for bed and the axeman is there!

The girls grill Madison about what it was like to die.  Axeman chases Cordelia around the room while Zoe looks for a spell to cast.  The spell is easily done, and Axeman exits.  Fiona appears to be back at the same bar where her daughter got blinded, and Axeman hits on her!  Until next week!