Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 2 "Infected"

Someone with a flashlight feeds a rat to the zombies.  I can only suspect this is someone from the farm, since they were so accustomed to feeding the barn zombies the chickens.  Tyrese is trying to romance his ladyfriend, but she still doesn't want him to sleep over.  Hopefully we all haven't forgotten about the nerd zombie who is lurking in the showers!

Rick holds Judith and OMG OVARIES EXPLODING.  No one suspects anything, as now two infected zombies wander through the prison.  Wouldn't it be nice if they could just go join their uninfected brethren on the other side of the fence?  I love how Glen and Maggie have like a little love shack in the guard tower.  I don't care what anyone says, I adore them as a couple.  Glen takes a photo to immortalize his lovely ladyfriend.  Rick and Carl bid Michonne goodbye for now.  Carl wants to help with the zombies on the fence, but Rick basically wants to stick to the gardening.

Gunshots inside the prison!!  Luckily the original prison crew seems to be fairly organized in getting together to take care of the issue.  However, Michonne struggles at the entrance to get back in and help.  Maggie and Carl to the rescue.  Daryl and Rick evacuate people easily, and even save children fucking one-handed.  A dude gets bit and Carol steps in to amputate the arm with no freakin' hesitation.  Why are the newcomers just not on board with the survival skills?!  Tyrese and his girlfriend just girlfriend just cuddle and don't help AT ALL. Those two are useless.

They survey the carnage and realize that lots of freakin' people are dead.  Carol's amputee patient was also bit in the neck so he's just gotta go.  He begs for Carol to look after his children and she agrees.  Daryl and Rick finish off the rest of the zombies with NO ONE ELSE HELPING OMG.  They realize that many of the zombies seem to have no bites, and appear to have died from some sort of bleeding from the orifices type of deal.  The doctor explains that it could be an infection.  The idiot who tried to sneak wine also chimes in.

Everyone convenes and determines that maybe the infection/flu/disease has spread from possibly the sick boy that Rick saw in the woods, and also maybe the pigs.  Carol lets the girls see their dad for the last time, and the older one insists on being the one to kill him.  But she decides not to at the last minute and Carol finishes him off.

Carl is apologetic for helping Michonne. All the people who were "exposed" need to be separated, and everyone else needs to stay outside.  I'm thinking they need to lock everyone into cells individually in case they die and turn.  Tyrese's girlfriend is coughing and needs to be quarantined.  Daryl looks sexier than ever.

So earlier in the episode, Carl warned Rick about the horde of zombies being too big and threatening to take the fence down.  And that little bastard was right.  As Rick and Daryl wax poetic, Maggie notices that the zombies are getting pretty fucking strong.  I'm guessing that it's going to be mostly original prison people knocking this one outta the park, but maybe some of the Woodbury folks will prove me wrong.

Yep, the OGs are killing it while everyone else chills inside.  Beth helps Michonne with her hurt ankle and they both watch the baby.  Michonne seems particularly disturbed by Judith's crying. Finally, the fence crew spots the rats that the zombies have been eating, which may explain their strength.  Rick sends Daryl for the truck, looking longingly at his garden.  I'm sensing Michonne lost a baby at some point, because a lot of emotion is coming out when she holds Judith.

Rick and Daryl distract the zombies with the pigs.  Funny how I can watch person after person get killed but I get a little misty over the animals.  Rick is sad to lose them as well.  He feels me.  With the pig distractions, the walkers move away from the gates and make the prison safe for now.  Rick thinks that he and Carl should stay away from Judith.  Carl tattles about Carol teaching the kids how to use weapons.  Rick agrees to just leave it alone.

Rick and Carl burn down the pigpen and Carl gets his gun back.  Rick shows his shirt in the fire too, which must have been purely for the female fans.  Tyrese goes seeking out his ladyfriend and finds she's burnt to a crisp!  Until next week!!