Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Walking Dead - Season 4 Episode 1 - 30 Days Without an Accident

It's been hard for me to get back in the swing of things with TV recaps.  This time of year, I go from writing zero recaps to keeping up with two per week!  But they are one of the biggest visited pages on my site, so it looks like someone is reading them.  So I'm nearly a week behind on The Walking Dead but I promise to get this week's recap up on the same night that the episode airs.

An undisclosed amount of time after we last checked in with the prison, Rick and the group are thriving.  They've got a nice little garden going, while the zombies still watch from the gate.  When are these bitches finally going to die?  Do they have an expiration date like in 28 Days Later? Rick is listening to an iPod, God knows how he's keeping that charged.  They also have a pig that they are raising for food, which may or may not be sick.

Apparently people are still being brought in left and right, in addition to the folks that came from Woodbury originally.  Some nerdy kid calls Daryl "Mr. Dixon" and "Sir."  Carol tries to stake her claim on her mancandy, now that there are several other ladies around for Daryl to choose from.  There are people working at the fence, and their job is to just repeatedly stab the zombies that come up to the perimeter.  Carol is concerned about the amount of walkers that have gathered.

Maggie and Glen -- still going strong.  Glen -- getting a little overprotective of Maggie.  He doesn't want her to go on today's run, and she reluctantly agrees to stay.  Tyrese has a new love interest, but he's done stabbing the zombies on the fence, and wants to go on the run instead.  Beth has a cutiepie love interest as well.  A new guy, who's name I totally missed, volunteers to go on the run as well. Michonne on a freakin' horse!  YES.  She's apparently on a tireless search for the Governor, and living at the prison very sparingly.

Herschel lectures Rick on bringing his gun when he leaves the prison. A short time later, Rick goes wandering about, and runs into a strange woman.  She pleads for help with dragging a dead animal back to her husband, but really just wants to come back to the prison.  We learn that now newcomers get asked three questions before they get a chance to come back: how many walkers have you killed? How many people have you killed? Why?

This time the run is taking place at a superstore, which was previously overrun by zombies.  But the quick-thinking prison residents put a boombox nearby to draw them out.  Sasha has turned into a total badass, while Tyrese is still a little wishywashy.  New guy struggles with the decision to sneak some wine, and while he tries to make the right choice, he topples over an entire display, attracting the walkers that are hanging out on the roof.  Just when you thought there could be no more new ways for walkers to appear, they fall through the roof like rain!  A zombie battle ensues, and they lose Beth's boytoy, narrowly escaping as the roof starts to completely cave in.

After what seems like an episode-long stroll through the woods, Rick finally reaches this weird lady's camp, where she immediately tries to kill him!  It turns out this chick's husband is a walker, and she kept him "alive," and wanted to feed Rick to him.  Rick is having none of that.  She is now going to kill herself, and begs Rick not to "end it" after she becomes a zombie, so that she can be with her zombie husband.  Ummmm, cray cray.

Back at the prison, Carol is using storytime as a cover for teaching the kids zombie survival skills.  Good on you, Carol.  The nerdy kid feels nauseous and has to leave, but Carl hides behind a bookshelf to observe the lesson.  Carol spots him and fears he will tell Rick.  Tyrese is a whiny little bitch about making runs as well.  Maggie tells Glenn she's not pregnant and both are happy.  But she thinks they could have kids in the future.  Daryl breaks the news about Beth's boytoy and she doesn't cry, but resets the "days without an accident" calendar.  She gives Daryl a much-needed hug.  Meanwhile, Michonne studies a map of Georgia.  The nerdy kid is sick with something and dies in the showers, releasing a zombie right into the middle of the prison!