Saturday, October 19, 2013

Blood Runs Cold (2011)

It's a little weird to me that this movie gets 4 out of 5 stars on Netflix (which is really rare for a horror movie) but only gets 4.1 out of 10 on IMDB.  I watched this movie basically totally because of the high rating on Netflix, since I had honestly never heard of it before.

Like the highly successful (and really good) Fritt Vilt/Cold Prey series, Blood Runs Cold hails from Sweden.  However, the location of this actual movie confused me right from the start.  Some people had badly faked American accents, some people had Swedish accents, and the main character even seemed to have an Australian accent.  The address written on the paper when she is driving to the house says "NC," which I'm taking to mean North Carolina if this is meant to be set in the United States.  However (and correct me if I'm wrong), are there any parts of North Carolina that are absolutely BURIED in snow at any time of year?  So the location totally threw me.

Basically, a successful musician, Winona (Hanna Oldenburg) decides to take a few weeks off to hole up in a cabin in the mountains.  Upon arriving at the house, she finds it to be quite creepy, and goes out for a drink at the local watering hole.  There she meets up with an ex-flame, as well as his friend and girlfriend.  Bored with the bar, they decide to head back to her rental house to hang out and drink some more.  Little do they know, a sinister visitor is lurking.  This masked ax murderer has the intention of picking off the party animals one by one.

Apparently this movie was made for about $5K.  If that is true, then the production value is quite impressive.  The special effects were pretty nice and the location was cool.  However, this movie just seemed to really have no point.  There was no story behind the creepy murderer, why he was hanging out at this particular house, or why he wanted to kill a handful of twenty-somethings.  So while there were a few fun moments for slasher-fans, there just wasn't too much going on in this one.  I definitely recommend Cold Prey though!