Monday, August 26, 2013

Under the Dome Episode 9: The Fourth Hand

I've come to the conclusion that Angie is really the dumbest person on this show, and possibly on any show I've seen in a while.  She continues to feed into Junior's psychotic behavior, and even agrees to traipse along to his house with him.  I mean, why not, right?  It's not like he locked you in a basement or anything!  Angie is opening the diner back up, claiming she will now be the owner.  She gives Big Jim kind of an evil look and says she wants the deed handed over.  Can you just demand that?  I'm not sure.  She falls into one of those "pink stars" seizures and takes off with Junior to see some painting that his mom created like nine years ago, featuring pink stars.  I guess this is all supposed to tie together?

Some crackhead breaks into a dude's house and he takes a shot at him, wounding an innocent bystander in the process.  The dude was looking for drugs, specifically "Rapture" which he claims the Reverend sold to him out of the funeral parlor.  Big Jim returns to his house to see a new character, Max (Natalie Zea).  Apparently they were partners in this whole drug operation, and she's been kinda hiding out in the dome for the last week or so.  But now she's ready to chat.  She convinces Big Jim to start a "guns-for-food" type of program, where people can "voluntarily" exchange their guns for food/water/propane.  It seems like a lot of people are participating.

Meanwhile, we realize that Barbie and Max know each other!  And they used to bang.  Awesome.  Julia takes Barbie to go look at the mini dome, but it's gone strangely missing.  Joe and Norrie spend most of the episode looking for it, only to find that Joe himself sleep-carried it into the barn.  Joe, Norrie, and Angie all put their hands on the dome, and a mystery hand shape lights up, showing that a fourth person is required.  Who is the fourth hand!?

Barbie finds drug paraphernalia in the funeral home (shocker) and Linda investigates the propane storage.  Apparently propane is the "secret ingredient" in the manufacturing of "Rapture" and that's why they're keeping it all stored up.  Max isn't going anywhere, especially now that she has Barbie wrapped around her little finger with the real story of Julia's husband's demise.  And Big Jim seems pretty whipped as well.  Until next week!

[Sorry that these recaps continue to be SO late, but we still don't have CBS on TimeWarner here in NYC, so I have to wait 4 days to watch on Amazon Prime!  I hope this gets solved soon]