Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Under the Dome Episode 8 - Thicker than Water

This bullshit with TimeWarner and CBS is getting reallllyyy old.  I want to watch my freakin' Under the Dome on Monday after busting my ass at work all day.  NOT on Friday after the rest of world watched it like four days prior.  I love you Amazon Prime, but this whole thing is just not working for me.  Get this shit resolved, plsthxbye.

Once again, Julia and Barbie are the only ones on this show with their heads screwed on straight.  Alice is dead, and her wife is holed up in the room over her corpse, mourning.  Barbie feels like the best use of his time is to dig a grave, which he is (unsurprisingly?) good at.  First, Big Jim kicks Junior out of the house, and then visits Ollie, who just hates him SO MUCH.  Remember that agreement they made about the well water?  Well apparently that's all over, because Ollie has some other farmers backing him up, and they're just going to share all the water and food from his farm.  They're both still so stuck on having "control" of the town, and does that really matter right now?  Let's all work together, people.

Junior, now disowned by his dad, has decided to side with Ollie.  He even requests that he be the one to kill Big Jim when the time arises.  Why is Junior so angry, aside from the fact that Angie doesn't want his sorry ass?  Oh yeah, just that his dad lied about the cause of his mom's death.  It actually was a suicide.  Ooops!

Big Jim gets the idea that it would best to ambush the farm with a bunch of weapons.  Barbie has a more logical idea of diverting the water to these other dry wells, and a reservoir.  But Jimbo is just set on this coming in with guns blazing thing.  Barbie decides to take off before he can and try the whole blowing up the well and re-diverting the water thing.

Barbie and Big Jim's crew diverge on the farm at the same time, and a battle ensues.   Several people are shot, and Big Jim is dragged inside, presumably meeting his demise.  But as the well is blown up, Ollie's former supporters ditch him, since they were only hanging around for the well access.  Junior grills Big Jim about his mom's death, and he finally comes clean.  Since Junior's all jacked up to shoot someone, he decides to just off Ollie instead.  Looks like that little well problem is solved.

Finally, Joe stupidly spills the beans about the egg and the mini-dome, right in front of Julia.  Of course, Julia forces him to take her to it.  He conveniently leaves out of the part where he saw Alice when he touched it, and then she died.  Julia touches it, and sees a Joe-clone, who says "A monarch will be crowned." Norrie and Angie take her snow globe collection and chuck it at the dome, which assuages Norrie's guilt about her mom's death a little.  Julia is trying to figure out what the monarch nonsense means, when the camera zooms in on a butterfly tattoo on Angie's shoulder!  Symbolism!  Until next week.