Sunday, August 18, 2013

Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors (1987)

Holy crap, the SyFy channel gods are smiling on me today, because OMG they're showing Dream Warriors!  This is my absolute fave NOES sequel!  Dream Warriors is, of course, "the one with the mental hospital," where all the patients get together and learn how to fight back against Freddy.  Luckily, Nancy is also there to help!

Kristen Parker (Patricia Arquette) is hospitalized following a suicide attempt, brought on by her dreams of Freddy.  Once inside the mental institution, she meets a motley crew of characters with the same nightmares as her.  The premise in this installment is that the kids can use their special "dream powers" to fight back against Freddy.  Everyone's powers vary -- Kristen can do gymnastics, Will is the wizard master, Kincaid is super-strong, and Taryn is beautiful...and BAD.

The gang of dream-victims gather together to fight back against Freddy, and Nancy and Dr. Gordon manage to loop in her dad to help out as well.  Freddy, of course, is having none of this, and is quick to respond with his witty quips and creative methods of doling out punishment.

Dream Warriors has some of the cooler dream sequences of the series, from the Freddy-snake to the marionette Phillip to Jennifer taking a ride into the TV.  We also learn some more Freddy backstory, when Dr. Gordon meets Sister Mary Helena aka Amanda Krueger.  Why is he a whackjob you ask?  Oh no biggie, he was just the result of a young nurse being raped dozens of times by psychopaths.

Of course, at the end, Freddy appears to finally be gone for good, but we all know that is not true, since there are many sequels left to come.  Dream Warriors is definitely one of the better NOES sequels, and even gets its own Dokken song!  Thanks, SyFy for brightening up my Sunday afternoon with one of my genre favorites.