Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Rough Draft by Michael Robertson Jr. and Dan Dawkins

Looks like this is one of those Stephen King/Richard Bachman type of situations, and Michael Robertson and Dan Dawkins are the same person.  I saw this book pop up for free on Kindle and really liked the premise.  Three horror writers stuck in a horror novel?  Awesome.

Rough Draft is the story of three horror writers - Victoria, Bob, and Finn, who are joined together at a remote cabin under strange circumstances.  They've all be blackmailed to write a book about a ghost town named Pike, located in rural Colorado.  In the cabin, they are completely cut off from the world.  No cell service, no internet, and the batteries removed from the cars they drove in.  Someone is monitoring the computers they are writing on, making sure they move the book along.

Although annoyed at the situation, the trio does not seem too afraid to write the book.  They figure they can bang it out fairly quickly, especially with all the research available to them.  But of course, it couldn't be that easy.  As they begin to write the book, they become plagued by strange events and supernatural occurrences.  Determined to escape, they try to find a way out, but Evil Dead-style, are blocked at every turn.  They finally do find out the reason behind their mission, which I did think tied in very well, just at the point when I was starting to get a little bored of the ghost battles.

I do wish the female character in this book could have been developed a little more.  We got a lot of background on Bob and Finn, but very little attention paid to Victoria.  I felt like she could have been more of an asset to the story than the stereotypical wishy-washy emotional mess who constantly needed to be held or protected by a man.

Overall, I did like this story, and the author's style of writing.  I'm constantly on the lookout for a new horror writer to follow, since I read Blake Crouch and J.A. Konrath books faster than they can write them!  I actually downloaded his other book, Regret, right away, and I'm currently reading it, so expect a review on that soon!  Read on, horror lovers!