Friday, June 14, 2013

Turistas (2006)

So I saw this movie when it first came out, but apparently never wrote a review.  I've been traveling a lot lately, and movies like this have just been worming their way back into my head.  I wouldn't call me a "safe" traveler.   My husband and I love going off the beaten path, which comes with its share of dangers.  We've taken cab rides where we've been like, "fuck. hope we're not going to die at the end of this."  The fears of Turistas are all too true -- a bus breaking down, being drugged and robbed, left without a place to stay.

Can we stop for a second and realize how many people were in this freakin' movie?!  Josh Duhamel, Melissa George, and Olivia Wilde?! Holy crap.  So a bunch of young hot people go to Brazil.  They try to save some cash by taking the bus which Scream Queen has done on several occasions.  The bus never ends well.  This bus gets into an accident and leaves them on a beach with beautiful scenery, hot girls and tons of booze.  Oh, and organ theifs.  NBD.

After waking up all hungover and amnesia-ridden, the group takes off for town, hoping to find safe haven.  But lets remember for a second that many tropical paradises are emerging nations with political and crime problems.  They get led by their "friend" to an organ theft ring, of course swimming through beautiful underwater caves in the process.

This movie is like a tropical Hostel so if you got a kick out of that flick, you'll like this one too. Definitely not as graphic and gory as Hostel but I think it's realistic and would resonate with the pleasure traveler.  Everything was filmed in Brazil so the scenery is legit.  The cave swimming scenes were awesome and reminiscent of Fortress.  Sure the end gets a little melodramatic but not enough to ruin this movie.  As a traveler and a horror fan, I liked this flick!  Also, now I want to go to Brazil. 


Michele (TheGirlWhoLovesHorror) said...

I love this movie so much more than I probably should. Love the locations, the acting is good, and... I don't know, I just dig it. Guilty pleasure? Don't care!