Friday, June 14, 2013

Missing (2009)

Missing has been lingering at the end of my instant queue for a while, but it stood out as one of the only movies on my queue that gets rated 4 stars.  So clearly I felt compelled to check it out.  It comes out of Korea and is based on a true story about an elderly murderer in that country.  Kidnapping and hostage stories always intrigue me.  The thought of being locked up in a room or cage is particularly terrifying to me.

Missing is about a young woman who goes with her boyfriend to get some traditional chicken soup at a house out in the boondocks.  Little do they know that the man of the house no longer serves chicken soup, but actually just kidnaps young women, tortures and kills them.  Oh, and also maybe feeds them to his chickens.  No big deal.

After he kills the boyfriend and sticks the girl in a cage, her sister becomes worried when she doesn't return home or answer her cell.  She goes in search of the mysterious "chicken soup" place that her sister mentions on her voicemail.  Meanwhile, the man does all kinds of bizarre things from singing to his captive to feeding her cake to hosing her down.  The sister is resilient in searching for her sibling, but police are reluctant to get involved, leaving her to face much of the danger on her own.

This was a short movie, especially for Asian horror, which is usually quite lengthy.  I liked the story, and the kidnapper/killer was seriously creepy.  I liked the ending as well.  If you have time for a short Korean horror flick that is more disturbing than slasher, Missing is a good one.