Sunday, June 2, 2013

Friday the 13th: A New Beginning (1985)

Tommy Jarvis is back -- yay!  He is not being played by Corey Feldman...booo!!  Well, grown up Tommy (John Shepherd) gets to dream as Corey Feldman for a bit, but in this sequel, he is all grown up and on his way to life in a halfway house.  You know, just chillin out after his extended stay in the mental institution.  He still has all those weird masks with him, because you never grow out of that kinda thing.

This halfway house is full of a weird mix of traumatized teenagers, and one random little black kid named Reggie.  Poor Tommy is getting picked on all the time, and is having a generally awkward time of it.  Since murder and mayhem seem to just follow him around, murders start happening in the area.

This time around, apparently Jason views the entire area as a camp, and he does not discriminate when it comes to killing.  Michael & Janet Jackson look alikes, cheesy coke sniffers, and Madonna-wannabees -- all are fair game for Jason.   Meanwhile Tommy is totally shocked that Jason is still alive, after the pounding he gave him all those years back. 

Plenty of 80's boobs in this movie if you're looking for that kinda thing.  Pretty much the standard Jason machete kills...they didn't really go out of the box too far on this one.  Although a child does attempt to save the day with a bulldozer.  But that's less out of the box, and more just random and lame.

The actual twist in this movie (SPOILERS) is that Jason is not actually Jason but a grieving father.  And then maybe Tommy Jarvis, who just happened to have a Jason mask lying around in the hospital.  Apparently the intent was to bring Tommy back as the new killer, but this wasn't received well by audiences, so they continued with the Jason-from-the-bottom-of-the-lake formula.  I wouldn't say this is the best in the series, especially following the awesomeness that is The Final Chapter but if you're in the mood, this is available on Netflix instant.