Sunday, June 2, 2013

Grave Encounters 2 (2012)

**SPOILERS AHEAD**I was a big fan of Grave Encounters.  I know, I know, we "real horror fans" are supposed to be totally over found footage movies, but I think that flick caused a bit of a revival.  The ending didn't really leave too much open for Grave Encounters 2, but hey, here we are.

I like the premise of this sequel.  It behaves as if Grave Encounters was an actual movie release, and some film students are trying to dig up some background on it.  As they are looking around, they soon realize that the story was real, and that those involved with the movie are still missing and presumed dead.  Determined to get to the bottom of it, they head to the hospital to investigate, much in the same way that the reality show crew did before.  However, they are being urged on by a mysterious YouTube commenter, claiming that he will meet them in the hospital.  But he never shows.

Much like the first movie, they set up their equipment and begin to see strange occurrences.  But in a surprise twist, they happen upon Lance Preston, who has been living in the hospital for several years, subsisting on rats and toilet water.  He claims to know the way out of the hospital, and leads the students on a wild goose chase throughout the grounds, with people dying along the way.  The group seems to escape at one point, but just take a hotel elevator back to the hospital.

Finally, Lance reveals what they must do to escape.  It seems that there may be only one survivor, so that they can complete the film and draw more "tourists" can come and be sacrificed to the entities in the hospital.  The film "visionary," Alex, decides that this must be him, and he will continue the trail of Grave Encounters and the story of the hospital.

Although I liked the ghosts, effects, and general story, this definitely didn't have the same kick as Grave Encounters.  It definitely was an enjoyable flick though, and is worth a watch if you liked the first one.  There is also a lot more random filler in this sequel, like scenes of partying and driving.   So you kind of have to hang on through those parts to stick it out for the ghosts and scares.