Sunday, June 23, 2013

Maximum Overdrive (1986)

How have I never written a review of this movie, one of my favorite guilty pleasures?!  So much randomness going on in this movie.  Although dozens of movies have been based on Stephen King books, this is the only time he directed one.  King fully admits that he was "coked out of his mind" during the entire filming of Maximum Overdrive, and when asked why he didn't direct another film, he responds: "Just watch Maximum Overdrive."  I loved this story, and I love the incredible campiness of this movie, even though it does seem like something someone on drugs would make.  Also, what other movie has an entire soundtrack of AC/DC?!?!  And the band riding in a speedboat at the beginning of the flick. 

Maximum Overdrive is about a meteor passing over the Earth, which causes machines to become possessed.  Soda machines launch cans at people, ice cream trucks become homicidal, and most importantly, a group becomes trapped in the Dixie Boy Truck Stop, surrounding by rogue semis.  The ragtag group is forced to survive, first dodging the trucks, and then fueling them.  You would think that trucks would just run out of gas and give up, but in the mind of SK, they demand gas and continue to dominate humans.  I mean, even electric knives get ballsy in this movie.  There's death, destruction, explosions, and a lot of revving engines.

So this movie got terrible reviews and no one ever liked it, but I don't care.  It's campy and fun and has a coked out Stephen King and a sexy Emilio Estevez.  Sure, you could have serial killers any day, but when do you get a bunch of possessed vehicles taking over a truck stop?  I am not ashamed to say I freakin' love Maximum Overdrive.


eddie lydecker said...

This is a superb film, it almost defines the word "unpretentious".