Thursday, April 11, 2013

Holy crap, where have I been?

The last couple of months have been super-busy for Scream Queen.  My day job has been insane, and then I went on a two-week trip to Thailand, which was awesomesauce.  Also, I've gone through one of those periods that all bloggers do, where I just don't feel like freakin' writing.  I've got 321 movies on my instant Netflix queue and I've just been very mehhh about clicking on any of them.

But today, I am turning over a new leaf.  I'm starting a 30 day mental and physical detox.  Full time paleo diet, hardcore crossfit, and nixing the booze for the time being.  For the mental end, I'm focusing on myself and the things that make me happy and healthy, and writing is one of them.  Writing about horror movies, of course.  So, I'll be back to writing this weekend, while Scream King is busy watching the Masters.

As part of my 30-day-detox, I am also taking a break from Facebook.  So follow me on Twitter: _scream_queen