Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Walking Dead Episode 11 "I Ain't a Judas"

Reunited and it feels so good!  Much of the original crew is back together, which means they are arguing nonstop about what steps to take next.  Herschel calls Rick out for "slipping."  Good on you, Herschel.  Carl also encourages Rick to "step down" as the leader.  He says that Herschel and Daryl can handle things, and I agree!

Meanwhile, Andrea is STILL in freakin' Woodbury.  And arguing with the Governor.  He says if she goes to the prison, she should stay there.  YES, do that.  It would be the best decision you've made in a while.

Some people want Merle to stay, but Glenn thinks they should use him as a bargaining chip and just go pass him off to the Governor.  Herschel has a heart-to-heart with Merle, which is just an odd pairing.  They trade bible verses.

Meanwhile Andrea wants to go to the prison and initiate some sort of truce.  She wants Milton to sneak her out.  She should know she can't trust that dork, and he runs and tells the Governor like 5 seconds later.  The Governor encourages Milton to help Andrea "escape" from Woodbury.  She's taking a page from Michonne's book and getting herself a zombie pet.  And she runs into the people Rick kicked out of the prison!

Michonne is doing push ups, and Merle thinks it's a good time for a chat.  Those poor people that got kicked out of the prison and are now headed for Woodbury, where they'll likely become soldiers for the Governor.  They just can't catch a break.  Andrea approaching the prison with her zombie on a leash is pretty badass though.  Rick has ZERO patience for Andrea and her antics.  She tries to explain that a war is about to start, and they're all BRING IT.

The Governor uses the new group's niceness to spread his lies.  And they spill the story about their time at the prison.  They're also willing to tell them about the layout of the prison, probably most notably the breach.  Everyone hates Andrea except for Carol, who lets her hold the baby.  Carol fills her in on what she's missed.  Carol also suggests that Andrea should run off and be a tiger in bed with the Governor and then kill him in his sleep!  Way to go Carol!!!  I love this idea.  Of course it's probably not really going to work since the Gov knows that she went back to the prison anyway via tattletale Milton.

Andrea returns to the Governor, and tells him the truth.  WTF.  She plays right into the "you belong here" nonsense, and looks ready to follow through with Carol's plan.  YES.  Meanwhile, at the prison, things kinda suck, and once again, Beth takes this as her cue to sing.  This seems to cheer up Merle of all people.  Rick is going on a run with Michonne and Carl.   But to where?

Andrea stands above the Governor and does not fucking kill him!  I feel stupid for liking her for like five minutes.  Until next week!