Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 10 "Home"

Last time on The Walking Dead: Rick is seeing dead Lori in a wedding dress, the group is super-weak, Daryl went bye-bye, and a war with Woodbury is about to begin!

Crazy Rick is dragging some pallets around and creeping on people through binoculars.  Also maybe looking for walkers, but spotting Lori in a wedding dress.  Someone get a straitjacket.  Also, earth to the Walking Dead writers, this ghost Lori storyline is already getting old.  Drop it, plz.  Did you owe Sarah Wayne Callies some screentime or something?

Michonne's looking at Rick kissing his ghost wife, and thinking, I need to be the new leader up in this bitch.  I may be a little temperamental, but at least I'm not traipsing around chasing ghosts.  Andrea and the Governor are back chatting.  OMG find a new man!  He promises no retaliation against the prison, but I don't believe him for a second.  Andrea wants to see her friends.  The Governor starts a diatribe about "getting himself together."  He wants Andrea to be a temporary Governor or something?!  Whattttttt.

Daryl and Merle are hunting, but it's not going very well.  Merle is being a douchecanoe as usual, and Daryl is already missing the prison.  Merle has no desire to look in houses for food and supplies, thinking hunting is the only way.  The prison group is trying to figure out where the security breach is.  Glenn wants to grab Michonne and go put a bullet in the Governor's head.  Glenn puts the smack down -- explaining that they can't go on the road again with a crying baby and Herschel missing one leg.  He also thinks Rick is in no place to make decisions.  THANK YOU GLENN.

He and Carl set off to fix the breach, and he puts Michonne in charge upstairs.  Good call, Glenn.  Meanwhile, the Governor talks to his dorky assistant.  This season is a contest for how often characters can say the word "loyalties."

Holy crap, the prison is overrun again by zombies, and it's only a matter of time before they breach their safe little area.  Meanwhile, Rick is nowhere to be found, and Glenn is totally taking charge.  Him and Maggie are still fighting though, which sucks.  Once again, miscommunication is a problem with this group.  Also, I totally think Carol and Axel are banging.

Daryl and Merle are still hunting when Daryl hears a baby.  It turns out to be a group of people being overrun by walkers.  Merle doesn't want to help, since he's a miserable bastard who hates everyone, but Daryl goes running to the rescue.  YES!  BADASS DARYL back in action.  Kill with the hatchback was the best death I've seen on Walking Dead in a while.  Too bad the people they saved don't speak English.  Merle wants an enchilada.  Daryl has had absolutely ENOUGH of Merle's shit.  He says that Merle asked for his hand cut off due to being such an asshole.  "You lost your hand because you're a simple minded piece of shit."  AWESOME.

OMG, apparently Merle and Daryl were supposed to be robbing the camp when they met up with the group?!  Holy crap.  It seems like years of frustration with Merle, starting from when he walked away when his father was beating on him.  Now he just feels like he's a terrible person, and Daryl wants to go back where he belongs.  LOTS of emotion coming from Daryl.  Great performance.

Meanwhile, where the hell is Rick?  Oh, still wandering around.  I guess the writers are aiming for this Rick thing to be super serious, but I'm just finding it really funny.  Hopefully he'll go take a nap in the grass since Herschel can't convince him to come in.

And the bullets are flying from the Governor!  Guess that promise about no retaliation meant nothing.  And poor Carol!  She loses YET another man in her life, and has to use his body as a shield.  OMG zombie dropoff.  OMG mysterious lady in a bulletproof suit.  OMG Daryl and Merle saving the day.  OMG Michonne and her katana.  I'm literally jumping up and down on the couch and high-fiving Scream King.  I hope the next ep brings everyone back together like a big happy family!!!