Sunday, February 24, 2013

The Walking Dead Season Three - Episode 9 - "The Suicide King"

I've fallen a little behind on my Walking Dead recaps, sadly!  But tonight, I'm skipping the Oscars (obviously) and catching up in one fell swoop!  Thank goodness that AMC always plays old episodes before the new ones.

When we left off at the end of last season, Merle and Daryl were locked in a fight to the death.  I was really worried about where Daryl's loyalties would lie, with the group or with Merle.  It seems like he just has a ridiculous attachment to Merle, no matter what an asshat he is.

So much of the confusion on this show is due to miscommunication.  Like Andrea should step up and help Daryl more, but she's all butthurt because she thinks they left her behind at the farm.  But of course they thought she was eaten.  Daryl and Merle stage a sweet getaway and take off with the prison group, while Andrea stays behind like the dipshit she has become.

OMG DARYL WHY WOULD YOU LEAVE?!?!  You were my favorite!  Now my only favorite is Glenn.  Glenn is pissed that Rick didn't kill the Governor, but Rick says Daryl was a priority.  Daryl who is now gone.  A light bulb finally goes off in Andrea's head and she discovers that all her friends are alive and were right there in Woodbury.  Should have got while the gettin' was good, blondie.  Everyone in Woodbury is going nuts, and the Governor is right along with them. They want answers, and the Governor is not about to provide them.  But Andrea is more than happy to wax poetic.

Rick and the crew return to the jail, and the visitors finally catch a glimpse of who is going to decide their fate.  Why is Rick still making all the fucking decisions?  That is starting to annoy me.  Also, his baby doesn't even know him, and probably thinks the blonde teenager is her mom.

"You're like my own son, Glenn."  Herschel has done a HUGE turnaround over the last 6 months or whatever.  Clearly Maggie can't tell her dad that she was violated, but he knows something is up. 

Once again, miscommunication destroys EVERYTHING on this show.  Rick is super delirious after all the craziness at Woodbury, and seeing his baby and stuff.  Also, he's probably losing his shit, considering he took fake phone calls for like an entire day not too long ago.  He spots Lori on the rafters, wearing a freakin' wedding dress! W.T.F.  He starts screaming at her to go away, which of course everybody reads as being directed towards the new arrivals at the jail.  They race away as Rick fully goes bananas.

It's this time that we really need to evaluate how weak the prison group had gotten, especially with the forthcoming "war" against the General.  Literally they have a couple girls, a pre-teen, a wishy-washy convict, a crazy dad, a one legged man, and a freakin' BABY.  Their ONLY salvation is Glenn and Maggie.  They're kicking Michonne out too!  I'm really hoping that those people didn't go far, and that Herschel is able to hobble after them and beg them to come back.