Saturday, April 13, 2013

Amber Alert (2012)

The Netflix instant page of this movie recommends both Compliance and Megan is MissingSOLD.  This is another one of those "found footage" films, this one being a tape that is taken in as evidence after an amber alert situation.

Two best friends, Samantha and Caleb, are filming their audition tape for some sort of reality show.  They're driving around and realize they're behind the subject of a recent amber alert announcement.   These two are so annoying that I wish they were the ones being kidnapped.

Basically the best buddies argue incessantly the entire time they follow the car.  They're supposed to be just following the car until the police show up, but the cops seem to be taking their sweet time.  Once they find the dude pulling into a gas station, they check out the situation and seem to see an unconscious little girl in the backseat.  She chucks her mike into the backseat so that they can listen to the car on their car speakers.  Yet AT NO POINT do they call the cops back. Even when the dude spouts some lie about being the girl's dad.  Even after they run into a police officer who seems headed to help, the dumbest chick on the earth, Samantha, decides that they should keep looking for the guy anyway, in case the cops don't catch him.

They continue into the night, searching for the guy after the police call off the amber alert.  Let me just tell you that I would NEVER want to live in whatever area these people are in because the the police are about as dumb as a box of rocks.  I mean, I'm thinking that these people are just doing one stupid thing after another, but I guess what else are they supposed to do when they are outside the house where they can hear a guy abusing a little girl over the headphones?

The last 10 or so minutes of this movie was pretty twisted and even gave me the willies a bit.  It was actually good use of the shaky cam premise of this flick, whereas the rest of it focused mostly on the two main characters arguing.  I understand where they were going with this movie, but they fell short of getting it to the Megan is Missing level.  There just needed to be more to it than arguing and following in a car, because it did get a bit tedious after a while.  But kudos for the ending sequence, which I did like.   


Michele (TheGirlWhoLovesHorror) said...

I did actually like this one a lot despite some minor problems, like what you mentioned (the constant arguing, the stupid cops). It was a good story, and I'm probably going to do a review of it myself eventually.

DZsNoggin said...

I enjoyed this one too. It wasn't as heavy handed as Megan is Missing and flowed a bit more organically. Minus the arguing of course. BTW, Caleb was the little brother cameraman and Nate was Sam's besty.