Monday, December 3, 2012

The Walking Dead Season 3: "Made to Suffer"

Ugh, this midseason finale bullshit again.  I read last season that this is because people don't want zombies, death, and destruction on TV around the holidays.  Well, some of us DO.  I don't want to wait until February to find out what happens with my beloved survivors.  Let's recap the episode that will keep us all guessing for another 8 torturous weeks.

There's a new group, complete with a guy named Tyrese.  There's a little rumor/theory going around on the interwebs that The Walking Dead is only allowed to have one black dude on at a time.  When the black prisoner came into the picture, T-Dog's time was cut short.  Now it looks like Tyrese and the prisoner (apparently I still don't know his name) will be battling for who gets to stay on the show.  As this new group runs away from the zombies, they enter the prison, carrying along an injured woman.  Carl hears their screams and goes to investigate, ultimately saving them.  What's interesting when different groups run into each other is seeing how brutal some people have become, while others desperately cling to humanity.  The new group wants to treat the injured woman.  Carl wishes to throw her to the biters.

Andrea still thinks sleeping with the creepy Governor is a good choice.  I'm really beginning to hate her.  We get to revisit the Governor and his daughter.  He keeps her hidden in the wall with some sort of straightjacket on, and her face covered.  So this is what testing that old man was about.  He wants his daughter back.  He thinks she remembers him, but she just wants to eat him.  I HATE THIS GUY.

Glenn starts tearing apart the zombie corpse, and Scream King is very worried about the purpose of this.  It's okay, they're just removing bones to use as weapons.  Glenn and Maggie need to start leading the group, for real.  The prison group is still scoping out the perimeter.  I'm really incredibly interested to see what will happen when Merle and Daryl inevitably run into each other.  I feel that Merle would ditch Woodbury for the prison, but I don't think Daryl would ditch the prison for Merle.  Remember when he wouldn't sleep in a cell, because he doesn't like to be enclosed by walls?  I'm imagining the same would apply for the walls of Woodbury.

Okay, so I finally know one of the names of the prisoners, which is Axel aka Adam Banjo from The Devil's Rejects.  He's hitting on Carl's little girlfriend, and Carol shows her newfound cajones by shutting that shit down immediately.  He's all, "well Maggie's with Glenn and you're a lesbian so who else am I supposed to screw around with?"  Carol's all short hair does not = lesbian.  However, we all know she want's the Daryl D, not that of Axel.

The ensuing battle scene at Woodbury escalates quite quickly.  There are smoke bombs involved, and lots of gunfire.  What's extra interesting is that the smoke bombs prevent people from seeing the other people that they should be seeing!!  No one is aware that other previous members of their groups are traipsing about Woodbury.  Michonne gets separated from the group, but Rick doesn't care.   They find Glenn and Maggie, and they spill about Merle.  Daryl wants to talk some sense into Merle, but Rick's all, the ship has sailed on that, buddy.

Michonne is in the Governor's house and for a moment, she is very UN-MICHONNE by feeling actual empathy for what she thinks is a real child, but is the Governor's zombie daughter.  He begs Michonne to spare her, but just like that, she's back, and slices her through the head.  Also, the Governor gets some glass to the eye.  Andrea sees all the heads and the dead zombie child, and still doesn't seem to realize the Governor is BATSHIT CRAZY.  She does exhibit some sense by letting Michonne go.

The Governor looks quite frightened as he gathers everyone at the zombie Thunderdome.  He says that they have a traitor among them, and one of the "terrorist intruders."  He reveals them to be -- Daryl and Merle!!  How the fuck are they going to get out of this one??!?!?!