Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Walking Dead Season 3: "When the Dead Come Knocking"

The Walking Dead is just leaving me with a lot of questions in this episode.  Overall this one just left me a little unsatisfied, but really I'm just getting a little annoyed with some of the characters' behaviors.

Merle is starting to sound like a broken record.  I mean, dude, I understand you're pissed about the whole roof thing, but give it a break.  He's trying to beat the truth out of Glenn, but he is not talking.  Maggie is very nervous next door.  Merle is done fucking around and just lets a zombie loose in the room...even though Glenn is tied to a chair.  But in case you were wondering, Glenn is a fucking boss and takes out the walker like no big deal.

Michonne is badly hurt and is begging with her eyes to be let in.  But Rick doesn't let anyone in anymore.  He seems to have conveniently forgotten that they were once begging to be let into a group.  Michonne is taking out zombies left and right, and Carl is finally like fuck this shit, and goes to help her.  Once they get her in, they of course sequester her, because it would kill them to make a new friend.  Michonne is doing her typical pouting/not talking, and clearly she has met her match in Rick.  She tells them about Woodbury, but not Andrea, and they set to go out and rescue Glenn and Maggie.

Meanwhile, back in Woodbury, that squirrely lab guy is working on a zombie cure.  We find out that he has never killed a zombie, so the Governor brings in Andrea to take care of that.  They have an old guy with pancreatic cancer, and they've been doing some memory tests with him.  They're going to wait for him to croak, and then do the memory tests again.  Andrea is pretty skeptical of the whole thing.  Dude wakes up and remembers nothing.  Andrea pops him in the head.  Squirrely guy is sad.

They finally named the baby.  I liked AssKicker.  But now it's Judith, after Carl's third grade teacher.  Ummmm, what?  A small group from the prison traipses towards Woodbury, and they're accosted by zombies.  They hide in a random house, where there's a guy that has never heard of the zombie apocalypse.  Again...um, what?

The Governor decides he'll talk to Maggie instead of Merle.  Of course he makes her take her top off, and proceeds to act like he's going to rape her.  OMG I HATE THIS GUY.  When her and Glenn are reunited, she spills about the prison, when Glenn's life is threatened.  I understand how she feels, but OMG I can't believe you gave up the prison!  In a creepy moment, the Governor kind of cuddles Maggie and tells her everything is going to be okay.  Glenn is going to cut a bitch.

Merle swears that he'll side with the Governor even if they find Daryl.  I am not inclined to believe that.  The prison group slinks up on Woodbury as the Governor sends a recon group out to the prison.  In a repeat of the creepy moment with Maggie, the Governor cuddles Andrea and says the EXACT SAME THING.  Next week is the mid-season finale and then we're going to be taking a holiday Walking Dead break!  Sad.