Sunday, November 18, 2012

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 6

A phone ringing in the freakin' zombie apocalypse!  Why does this episode not start off with Rick answering it?!?  Instead we get Michonne leaving messages with zombie bodies.  Love it.  Merle and his crew are looking for her, but they're not expecting to be slaughtered.  Merle underestimates Michonne for sure. 

Apparently random people are on the phone, claiming to be in a safe place.  Rick begs to join the group, after rejecting so many people from his own group!  WTF, Rick?!  Andrea is complaining to Philip about the zombie thunderdome, but she still wants to stay in Twin Peaks.  Rick goes back to check on Carl but rushes back to wait for the phone to ring. The person on the other end just seems to be teasing him...asking a billion questions about who he has killed and what happened to his wife.   How did these people get this number anyway?  Are they just dialing every number ever?  I'm confused.

Andrea wants to work on the wall, so they set her up with some redneck girl for training.  The chick claims to be some sort of archery expert but she's actually terrible.  Andrea shows her up in 5 seconds.  Rick is still waiting for the phone to ring again and Herschel shows up to hang out.  He wants to sit with Rick, since "that's what he's pretty good at these days."  HA. Daryl walks with Carl and tells a story of how his mom died.  They commiserate.

Philip tells Andrea they don't need her on the wall.  She says she liked the zombie thunderdome but just didn't want to admit it.  Merle has no intention of telling Philip that Michonne is still alive.  Rick continues to receive phone calls, and I'm beginning to think they're in his head.  Maggie and Glenn are within like 10 feet of Michonne!!  Just like I thought would happen!  Philip and Andrea are having a ton of sexual innuendos.  Andrea, you have taken a huge step down from the sexiness of Shane.

Glenn and Maggie stock up, and Merle shows up!  He wants to get taken to Daryl.  Glenn says he should stay put and he'll bring Daryl to him.  Merle takes them hostage!  And they have to leave the baby formula!!  AHHH WTF.

OMG ARE YOU SERIOUS THAT THESE PHONE CALLS ARE FAKE??!?!!?  Ghost Lori is on the phone!!  Rick waxes poetic about loving Lori even though he hated her because she fucked Shane.  She begs him to take care of Carl and the still-nameless baby.

Philip and Andrea bang, but Merle cockblocks.  Hold on, if Merle is back here, where are Glenn and Maggie?!  Herschel's holding the baby.  It still needs a name.  My uterus skips a beat when Rick snuggles her.  Daryl and the prisoner were clearing out the cells, and Daryl finds Carol's knife imbedded in a zombie's neck.  And then OMFG he finds Carol!!!!  YESSSS.  Rick's carrying the baby, Daryl's carrying Carol -- symbolism!!!

Michonne shows up with the freakin' baby formula!  Why can she walk free amongst the zombies?!  The baby still doesn't have a name!  Until next week!