Sunday, November 18, 2012

Die (2010)

Six strangers awaken in a room together and they all have something in common.  Leigh Wannell, is that you?  Someone should count how many Saw-based movies have been created since the original was released.  I can personally think of three right off the top of my head.  This movie is Italian though, if that makes any difference.

Six people have kind of crappy lives, and have tried to attempt suicide.  One of the guys looks like Greg T. Nelson and it is distracting.  We have a rich guy (Robert), chronic gambler (Lisa), alcoholic cop (Mark), drug addict and prostitute (Melody), depressed doctor (Zach) and another depressed doctor (Diane).  Basically, the people have to use their own suicide method against another random person.  They roll the dice to determine the intensity of the method.  For example, in the meth overdose situation, each number equals 10mg, and in the gun, it equals a bullet.  The water scene is particularly dramatic, in my opinion. 

Additionally, they all seem to have cigarette burns in the shape of die numbers on the inside of their wrists.  What do they mean?  On the outside, a rogue cop investigates while her colleagues tell her to leave it alone.  She knows there's some sort of connection with the cigarette burns.  She digs deeper and discovers an underground "game" called "The Trials."  It's a cult! Disciples are involved!  There's even a book!  In the Saw sense, Jacob (Jigsaw) wants everyone to be an Amanda so they can all be in this cult teaching people a lesson about killing themselves. 

I liked this movie.  It dragged a little at times, but it was a more "high-end" (for lack of a better word) Saw-based movie.  Not the worst thing hanging out on Netflix instant these days.