Wednesday, December 5, 2012

American Horror Story Asylum: "The Origins of Monstrosity"

We're back to present day and everyone's all strung up at the abandoned mental hospital.  Oooops.  Back to Briarcliff, and we have a creepy child.  YES.  Back in the basement with Dr. Thredson and Lana.  He is deliciously psychotic.  He's getting naked with cadavers now?!  This show has no limits. 

Thredson explains his past "work." Lana is understandably terrified, especially because he wants her to be his mom.  The little psycho girl, Jenny, gets left in the asylum by her exhausted mother.  Sister Jude wants nothing to do with that shit, and calls in Mary Eunice.  I almost forgot about Shelly!!  She is in some hospital somewhere, suffering, while the Monsignor shows up.  Like he can help.  He remembers his first meeting with Dr. Arden, and him mentioning "experiments."  Obviously this relates directly to Shelly's horrible condition.

Mary Eunice is stripping her clothes off so some dude can watch and play with himself.  Classy.  Dr. Arden shows Monsignor more "patients."  When he threatens to expose, Arden threatens right back.  Apparently Monsignor has something to hide.

Mary Eunice and Jenny commiserate.  She loves having a little friend.  The Monsignor, apparently responding to Arden's threat, fires Sister Jude.  Kit calls Dr. Thredson as Lana tries to file away at her chains.  I might stick around for the Croque Monsiuer.

Yippppeeee!!  Mary Eunice is wearing the red lingerie and singing "You Don't Own Me."  I'm obsessed.  Sister Jude is back to drinking, and she's doing it with Dr. Arden.  Oh, the Nazi hunter is still on his case, and all he needs is a fingerprint to lock it up.   But wait, Mary Eunice has other plans.   She's going to off the Nazi hunter and continue to be BFF with Arden.

The little girl kills her entire family when she returns home.  No big deal.  Bloody Face/Thredson doesn't think Lana is his mom anymore and she's gotta go.  She tries to play Mommy a la Mrs. Voorhees.  He attempts to breastfeed.  Once again, NO RULES ON THIS SHOW.

Back in present day and everyone's slashed up at the asylum.  Bloody Face took the girl though.  The cops seem to think they have a handle on it, but I'm highly doubting that.  Abrupt ending, and we're onto next week.  I was starting to think this show was losing it's momentum a bit, but I did like this ep.  Looking forward to the next one!