Wednesday, December 5, 2012

American Horror Story Asylum: "Dark Cousin"

There's lots more nuns here we've never seen before.  They go to check on Grace and she's bleeding profusely from the vajay.  A dark angel who looks like Mrs. Grubman from Nip/Tuck comes to take her away but these two ditzes manage to revive her.  (Wait, it's not Mrs. Grubman, but the older maid from the first season!  People keep popping up in this nonsense)

"I hope this clarifies the chain of command, Arthur."  I absolutely freakin' love Mary Eunice.  Now there's a black man, Miles, we've never seen before who wants to chop his arm off.  And there's something written on the wall that only Sister Eunice understands.  The black angel visits Miles. 

Dr. Thredson is raping Lana, which is sad, and she's putting up no fight.  However, it seems like she's just saving up her energy for when she pops the shit out him later!  Thredson has already tired of her and decides she must die.  Lana is having absolutely none of that.  But she escapes only to jump in a car with another weirdo!  This chick has the worst luck.  And now she's back at Briarcliff!!  BUMMER.

Sister Jude relives a time when she was a singer and a drunk.  She got kicked out of her band, and reminded of the little girl she hit.  The Devil/Mary Eunice calls Sister Jude to make her feel sufficiently awful.  She goes to a diner and dreams of cutting her wrists but does not do so.  She goes to visit the family of the little girl she thought she'd killed.  But surprise!  She's ALIVE.  With a little baby of her own.

Kit escapes and runs to save Grace.  But in the meantime, one of those creatures escapes and attacks everyone.  As Grace tries to protect Kit, a security guard shoots her, and she takes off with the black angel.  Until next week!


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