Monday, November 12, 2012

The Walking Dead - Season 3 Episode 5

I know that the weird town that Andrea and Michonne are living in is called Woodbury, but I'd rather call it Twin Peaks.  I think that reasonably portrays the creepiness of this place.  Andrea is settling right in and having a picnic but Michonne is still so fucking pissed.  Philip is brushing a little girl zombie's hair.  Ooops, it's his daughter.  No big deal, right?  Michonne sees and she's like this place is officially crazypants.

Rick is going nuts and running through the prison killing zombies.  Daryl is like holy crap the baby needs to eat and it can't eat squirrels and stuff.  He and Maggie make a run for formula.  Glen and Maggie are the most adorable couple on the planet.  AMC, please don't kill these two off. 

Michonne goes looking for her katana, which has been the single thing she has been concerned with since the moment she arrived in Twin Peaks.  She finds it in Philip's office, along with some other interesting things, including a weird book with names.  She also spots some zombie prisoners, kills them, and sneaks away just as someone arrives to feed them. 

Michonne returns to Andrea and gives her one last chance to leave with her.  Andrea, in all her terrible judgement, is actually like, I still want to stay here.  Michonne walks away.  I'm sure we'll all run into her again.

Daryl and Maggie are searching a daycare for supplies, and Daryl is wearing a poncho!  Seriously!  He catches a possum and they get the formula.  Double score.  The baby is saved for now, but Rick is absolutely no help as he continues to completely lose his shit. 

Philip invites Andrea to a little get-together.  Seems like a nice little community gathering, but it's actually Merle fighting a dude with a barrier of zombies around them.   Andrea's all, um, I think it's a little too late to try to catch up with Michonne. 

Daryl puts a Cherokee rose on one of the graves, so we're supposed to think Carol is dead?  Did they actually find her?  The baby is crying, Rick is having a tantrum, and a freakin phone is ringing?!  Is this the only working phone in the zombie apocalypse?!?!?