Monday, November 12, 2012

The Walking Dead Season 3 Episode 4


I feel really sad for the two inmates that Rick won't allow into the group.  I mean, come on, you've lost a lot of people and I don't think including two additional people would kill you.  But wait!  There are more inmates.  They are trying to lead the zombies somewhere.  Herschel is tired of looking at the top of the bunk, so he's up and about on crutches.  I like how before, at the farm, he was always bossing everyone around, and now he has pretty much no say in anything.  Rick and Daryl run this show now.

Back to Woodbury, where Michonne and the Governor are talking.  She hates most everyone, but she seems to have a particular distaste for this dude.  She really wants to leave, but Andrea's like come on, let's just chill for a little while and rest up.  I'm thinking she just wants the D.

Oh no!  An alarm is going off and attracting zombies from what seems like miles around.  The prison group gets overrun by zombies and T-Dog gets bitten!!  T-Dog, NOOOOO!  Everyone gets split up as they fight for their lives.  T-Dog throws himself at a group of zombies so that Carol can get away.  T-Dog, over and out :(  The inmates who desperately want to join the group help Rick out by killing a rogue inmate.  They're all, let us hang out with you now, plsthx. 

Back in Twin Peaks, Andrea is learning more about the governor.  His wife died 18 months before the apocalypse, and his name is Philip.  She's practically drooling.  Merle wants to go find Daryl, but the Governor/Philip believes that a random location of a farm is not enough reason to go traipsing about.  
Meanwhile, Lori is running with Carl and Maggie, and she's like, I'm having the baby right fucking now.  Maggie's like oh no, we need Carol.  Lori's all, this baby isn't going to wait.  She wants to push, but there's blood everywhere.  She interprets this as needing a C-section.  Guess she's an obstetrician now.  It's cool though, because she has a C-section scar from last time, so Maggie can totally just follow that.  Maggie's all, I'm not a doctor, and you're probably going to peace out for good if I start slicing you up.  I get the feeling Lori wasn't too psyched about continuing to live anyway.  She gives a heartfelt speech to Carl.

OMG it's a living breathing baby and not a zombie!  Maggie carries it out to Rick while Carl shoots his now-zombie mom.  Rick is FREAKING  out.  Great acting job.  I actually teared up a little.   Everyone assumes Carol is dead, just like they did with Andrea.  Thank goodness we have Daryl, because it looks like Rick is about to absolutely lose his shit.