Monday, October 1, 2012

Twin Peaks - Season 1, Episode 2 "Traces to Nowhere"

I hope that as I continue to watch this show, I can picture Kyle McLachlan as Dale Cooper and not Trey McDougall.  He sure is an oddball, and seems to constantly be talking about coffee.  Shelley's husband is a huge douche.  Guess that's why she's cheating with Laura's boyfriend.  As for Laura, we discover she was a little into skiing.  What high schooler can afford coke anyway?

Not only is everyone sleeping with everyone on this show, but some seem to be taking perverse pleasure in the death of their lovely homecoming queen.  This is especially true of Donna Hayward (Lara Flynn Boyle).  Meanwhile, Audrey seems set on ruining everything in her path, from her father's business deals to just the general well being of others.  For someone who was dating two different guys and snorting coke, Laura seemed to have a lot of time for volunteer work and teaching English. 

Also, there's this:

Her log sees things.  And KNOWS things.  But if people want to know those things, they need to ask the log.  The log does not speak freely.  Also, how many people have the other half of this freakin' best friends necklace?!  I feel like I've seen this thing buried, discussed, and now some random dude listens to a tape of Laura and holds the damn thing lovingly.  Did she have several of these?!  Until the next episode...


Hey! Look Behind You! said...

I need to take the time out to revisit this show. It was such greatness :)

Jinx said...

So going to rewatch Twin Peaks now. :)