Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Mother's Day (2010)

I love Rebecca DeMornay.  Remember The Hand that Rocks the Cradle?  She's really good at playing a batshit crazypants.  And Mother's Day is no exception.  It's from the maker of Saw, Darren Lynn Bousman, but luckily for those of us who have tired of that series, this does not share the same premise.  This is also a remake of a 1980 movie that I've tried to watch once, but for some reason didn't finish, or write a review of.  So I'll have to add that one to the to-do list.  Therefore, this review is based on me seeing the remake before the original.

So these two yuppies, Beth and Daniel bought a house in foreclosure.  Unfortunately, it seems as if they bought the wrong house.  While they have a birthday party, three brothers are headed their way after a botched bank robbery.  One of the brothers is injured, and they are hoping to hide out at their mother's house.  But, oooops.  Mom lost her house in the foreclosure and it's already been snapped up by these greedy little party animals. 

In a Last House on the Left-esque turn of events, the men demand entry to the house, and force one of the partygoers (a doctor) to tend to their brother's gunshot wound.  The doctor insists that he needs a hospital, but this rowdy bunch doesn't do hospitals.  Right about this time, Mom and Lydia (Jessica from True Blood, wooo!) show up.  And then, shit starts to come a little unraveled.  Mom learns of money that has been sent to the house post-foreclosure, totaling into the thousands.  But the owners claim to have never seen it.  Meanwhile, her injured son is pretty close to death, and she feels the solution to the problem is to have him lose his virginity before he dies.  Ooookkkayyy.  That's not creepy.

Another son takes Beth traipsing about town to various ATMs to come up with the money to get across the border.  Meanwhile, tensions are high back at the house, and some forms of torture are taking place.  It's clear that "Mother" holds the upper hand with both her family, and the situation at hand.  It's going to be a long night ahead for everyone.

I liked this movie while I was watching it, but now that I'm writing a review, I guess I don't have too much to say about it.  It was a pretty good flick overall, albeit kinda predictable, but there are some creepy scenes, and Rebecca DeMornay revels in another psycho female role.  Not a bad way to spend two hours.