Saturday, September 29, 2012

Vile (2011)

Do you like seeing a guy's chest cut open and then a pile of salt shoved into it?  Me too.  I had forgotten about torture porn for a while, but it looks like Vile is bringing it back like Justin Timberlake.  For some reason, the description of this movie is making me think of Captivity, which I kind of would like to have forgotten.  Remember the "milkshake" scene?  Blergh.

Back to Vile.  We get treated to a sort of intro scene of a dude being tortured, and then we switch off to a sexy group of twenty-somethings frolicking in the woods.  After leaving their campsite, they stop off at a gas station, and get asked for a ride by an attractive older woman.  They oblige, but are quite surprised when she knocks them out with some random gas.

They wake up in a room, tied to some chairs, with some onlookers plotting how to handle them.  They watch a video with a creepy lady.  She's sort of like the Saw puppet.  She explains that the campers have some mechanism attached to their heads that is collecting chemicals that are caused by extreme fear and pain.  So basically, they need to torture each other in order to fill a quota in 22 hours or they all are about to peace out.  Someone is a fan of the Saw movies!!  Oh, and if their implants are removed, it's instantly fatal.  Why does this remind me of Fortress?  I've seen too many movies.

So obviously everyone starts torturing each other, trying to split up the percentages of pain.  Makes sense.  Then the stoner guy suggests that sex might produce the same chemicals, and the girls refuse!  WTF.  I'd try banging over fingernail-pulling any day of the week.  The brunette chick in this nonsense is wayyyy too eager to torture everyone.  Something is up with her.

Man, these people are BRUTAL.  I totally understood the plan to split the pain up among all of them.  But these freaks are taking this to a whole new level.  Also, I do not understand this shit of splitting their share into two sessions of torture.  No way, dude.  Give me all of mine at once so I can go chill and be done.

The torture in this movie is obviously extreme.  But you know what, I liked this flick.  I liked the concept, and the crazy bitch trying to fuck everything up.  The end got a little boring and the twist was not that great, but overall, I would not rate this as badly as Netflix and IMDB did.