Thursday, November 10, 2011

Wicked Little Things (2006)

When this movie first started, I was all ughhhhhh boring historical stuff.  Then I was all squeeeeeee Chloe Moretz is so freakin' cute!  Soooo, par for the course.  Wicked Little Things is about a widow, Karen (Lori Heuring) and her two children, Sarah (Scout Taylor-Compton) and Emma (Chloe Moretz) who move to the woods of Pennsylvania after their husband/father's death.  This would seem completely bizarre except for the fact that apparently it's a family house that's all paid for and such.  Free house = good times.  I mean, I probably would have made a cautionary visit to the house before bringing my freakin' kids here to live permanently, but maybe that's just me.  This movie's barely started and I've already decided the mom is a dipshit.

Blah blah blah, no electricity and water, and holy crap, it's Roy Sullivan from The Devil's Rejects!  All the pipes need to be replaced and this basically seems to be The Money Pit of horror movies.  The family soon discovers that they live near an old mine where a bunch of kids were killed in a cave-in.  But wait, they're still somewhat alive, and are actually zombies.  Oooooppps.  Child zombies = teh awesome!!  Just when I was missing The Walking Dead!

You can say what you want about Scout Taylor-Compton and her movie choices, but gottttdammmn girl's gotta set of lungs on her.  She'll never be short on work in the horror film industry.  Cinematography is this flick is gorgeous, and, having been to the Poconos, I actually thought it was filmed in the state of Pennsylvania.  But like several horror movies as of late, Wicked Little Things was filmed in Bulgaria!

The kid zombies are creepy, but fairly slow-moving and not scary.  This movie drags out for longer than I would have hoped for....there's a lot of standing around and speculating when I would have liked some axes to the head.  However, there is some great acting here and it's certainly not a lost cause.  Worth a look if you like creepy-ass zombies, and c'mon, who doesn't?