Thursday, November 10, 2011

Victim (2010)

With so many movies on my instant queue, browsing and reading the blurbs is getting ridiculously time-consuming.  I've started just choosing movies at random, with the hopes that someday I'll be able to make even a bit of a dent in the list.  The cover art for Victim looked cool, and I'm pretty overdue for a good torture flick.  Plus, IFC has been putting out some pretty good stuff lately, so I thought this one would be worth a try. 

Victim is about a nameless police officer, who, after a happy hour, is kidnapped by a deranged surgeon and his beefy assistant.  They keep him in a sparse dungeon, while periodically physically and psychologically torturing him.  There seems to be no clear motive, as they don't torture him close to death, or attempt to kill him at all.  The doctor's motive, crazy as it is, is eventually revealed, but I wouldn't want to give away the little bits and pieces of the movie ;)

This movie was short, brutal and seriously creepy.  Through all the pain and torture, it does all come together in the end.  I wondered for a while if the "victim" was faking it, just because the whole thing was so bizarre and it was hard to tell.  This flick was really unlike any movie I've seen -- it's sort of Martyrs meets Hard Candy sort of with Dogtooth.  This movie spooked me, but was also very hard to explain.  I would say it's definitely worth a watch.


Shit Movie Fest said...

Awesome cover, I'm going to add it now.