Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Lost Boys (1987)

Let's all take a moment and bow down to the original teenage vampire movie.  Before Twilight and True Blood, there was The Lost Boys.  The Brat Pack of horror movies, the two Coreys and Keifer Sutherland fuckin' killed it, man.  I can't believe I've never reviewed this movie, since it meant so much to my childhood and lifetime love of horror movies.  I'm gushing, excuse me.

Michael (Jason Patric) and Sam (Corey Haim) move to a seaside California town with their mom.  Corey Haim is in an almost heartbreaking prime in this movie...sad to think that he's overdosed recently.  The boys quickly realize that this is the "murder capital of the world" and they're eager to find out why.

They quickly discover that there are vampires everywhere, including the incredibly foxy Keifer Sutherland.  The vampires have clearly taken over the town and the kids are intent on saving it.  They are trying to bring others into the vampire world, but not always willingly.  While Michael gets involved with the wrong end of the bloodsuckers, Sam partners with the Frog Brothers (Corey Feldman and Jamison Newlander) to battle the vampire community of Santa Carla.

G'head and judge but Corey Feldman is an incredible actor.  I met him once on a panel.  It was clear that although he enjoyed acting, he felt forced into it by his parents.  I don't think anyone could watch Stand By Me and not think the kid has talent.  Judgments aside.  My cynical heart melts a bit for the two Coreys in this movie. The location in this movie is perfect.   There's no better way to represent a sort of trashy, vaguely Jersey Shore-ish California town.   Everyone is so perfectly 80s that it makes me (dramatically) ache for a simpler time full of lace and skin-tight acid washed jeans.  The vampires are realistic and actually scary, not sparkly. 


Jenny Krueger said...

Best vampire movie ever! Great review, my horror blog sister! :)