Monday, November 14, 2011

Antibodies (2005)

Antibodies has been taunting me from my Netflix queue, with it's crazy poster art and presence of badass Norman Reedus.  I also really liked Case 39 and I've never really seen a German movie before.  However, I kept putting it off, due to its length.  But tonight, I was gearing up to make roasted butternut squash risotto (nom nom nom) and the squash had to roast for 45 minutes.  And as is the case with risotto, you have to stir it continually for another 45 minutes.  That said, I had a good opportunity to watch this movie without planting my butt on the couch for over 2 hours.

Sadly, Norman Reedus is actually in very little of this movie.  He's in the first fifteen minutes or so, and then mysteriously in a coma for the next two hours, never to be seen again.  I thought that being in this movie must mean he speaks German, but he actually barely speaks in the entire movie.  Bummer.

Antibodies is about a prolific serial killer, Gabriel Engel, who is finally captured by police.  In a very Silence of the Lambs-esque story, Engel refuses to talk to most of his questioners, but he finds himself incredibly interested in a young rural cop.  Said cop, Michael, is investigating the death of a young girl in his town.  However, since Engel's motives have mostly involved young boys, they only have a small reason to believe he killed the girl.  In a quid pro quo type of relationship, Engel reveals details of past killings in exchange for personal information about Michael's life.

Meanwhile, Michael himself begins to unravel while investigating the case.  The previously devout Christian and family man discovers deeper and darker desires within himself.  Are the interviews with Engel having an effect, or is evil truly contagious?

What did I learn about Germany from this movie?  It seems that a lot of people use "jerk off" as an insult, and also talk a lot about jerking off.  Also, there seems to be copious amounts of sex on German television.  Cops go to strip clubs, and random ladies that work at suit stores will have butt sex with you after you stalk them.  /end generalizations.

This movie was really interesting, and had a great story and acting.  It's definitely one of those movies for a rainy afternoon, because sticking with it for over 2 hours takes some commitment.  But it was a compelling plot with various twists and turns, and good character development.  Definitely one to see if you like Silence of the Lambs.  They even give a couple little nods to the flick, with Hannibal Lecter mentioned, and a lamb involved in a crucial scene.  Available on Netflix instant, with subtitles that are readable!  Yay!


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