Tuesday, November 15, 2011

American Horror Story Season 1: Episode 6

In case we weren't sure that AHS is addressing every horrific thing EVER, now we're on a Columbine flashback.  Shit is getting realllll up in here and Tate is the killer.  I mean, were we really doubting that?  Homeboy's got issues.  By the almighty power of Google, Violet realizes the same.

Violet visits Constance and a random psychic, who explains that Tate is in a sort of limbo.  He believes he's still alive, which is actually not the truth.  Violet is reminded of a previous time with a dying person (Grandma, perhaps?) who claims to "not understand her."  We're led to believe Violet has a connection to the paranormal.   Uh, duh?

Meanwhile, Vivien caresses a belly that is far too large for how long she's been pregnant.   See a specialist, chica.  Ben is only allowed in the house for appointments, and Violet feels she's possessed by "the darkness."  Ben sees a patient who hallucinates men wearing pig masks.   Okay.  Vivien's getting an amnio and Violet's taking sleeping pills.  This all seems par for the course in this house.  Oh wait, Vivien's eating raw brains!  Even more conceivable with this family!

We get to revisit the ultrasound tech that fainted, and it so turns out that she saw the religious equivalent of the son of 1000 maniacs in Vivien's belly.   Oooopppsss!!  Vivien thinks it's craziness but we all know differently.  Violet and Tate are all lovey-dovey even though everyone knows he's dead!  WTF.  This episode sort of ended randomly, but I'm reviewing this so late that I'm super excited about tomorrow.  Come onnnnn, Rosemary's Baby!