Sunday, November 27, 2011

Final Destination 2 (2003)

Random fact time.  I have not operated a vehicle in over 6 years.  When I moved to New York City, I sold my car and never looked back.  Although I was a good driver, I never particularly liked driving.  It was always a chore to me, and hearing "road trip" makes me want to puke.  How being trapped in a metal death machine, surrounded by idiot drivers for endless hours makes me want to kill myself.

So we all probably know the formula for the Final Destination movies.  Someone predicts a horrific event sometime in the future, just in time to avoid it.  However, death doesn't like being cheated, and comes after the survivors of the aforementioned events.  In Final Destination, a kid predicted that a plane would go down and got off of it.  The plane crashed, and he and the others who got off the plane all later died in mysterious ways, except for Clear Rivers (Ali Larter).  In Final Destination 2, some moron teenagers are taking a road trip.  The driver, Kimberley, predicts a horrific pileup and blocks traffic to avoid it.  The accident happens, but she and others survive.

Of course, death can't let you get away with it, and it starts picking off the accident survivors one by one.  Kimberley visits Clear Rivers in the mental institution, but she is not much help.  She's only worried about keeping herself alive, not others.   The deaths in the Final Destination movies are always so awesome and well-orchestrated.

In a strange turn of events, Clear Rivers abandons her plan of surviving in the mental institution to go visit Mr. Bludworth (Tony Todd).  He gives vague information, and the survivors meet together to determine what to do next.  They're particularly focused on a pregnant woman, who they believe will give birth and save them all....if they can make it that long.

Much like Saw, the Final Destination series is a dependable, albeit predictable, set of movies.  The death scenes are always awesome, and you really can't knock the formula.  They always snag hottie up-and-coming actors, and the series has truly been a staple of the 2000s.