Sunday, November 27, 2011

American Horror Story Season 1 Episode 8

The identity of the Rubberman will be revealed this week!  Wooohooo.  In a flashback, we're reminded of that time Vivien banged the Rubber Man, thinking it was her husband.  Seriously, do you not know what your husband's eyes look like?  Come on.  Of course now we know that coupling resulted in the demon seed she currently carries in her womb.  Holy crap, the Rubber Man is Tate!!!  I thought he couldn't get it up with Violet though.  But apparently he can impregnate Vivien?!?!  Can't wait to see how this goes.

We're back to the gay couple.  After finding out that Patrick is frequenting S&M message boards, Chad buys the rubber suit to try to entice him sexually.  He is rejected, and devastated to learn that Patrick is aware they are hemorrhaging money on a house that he has grown to hate.

Hayden is consoling Nora, making her feel better by saying that they could steal Vivien's twins after they are born, and split them so they each get one.  That's fair.  It appears that Hayden plans on making Vivien crazy enough to be sent to a mental institution.  Seems she's pretty close anyway.

Moira is on Vivien's side and encourages her to get out of the house.  She attempts to take Violet and leave, but to no avail.   They run into the home invaders and rush back inside.  Apparently Tate was lying about his penis abilities that night at the beach, because he and Violet bang.  It's her first time, but she claims it didn't hurt.  Maybe he has a small one.  Vivien and Ben scream a lot at each other.  She's becoming sort of unlikeable.  I'm just having a hard time feeling for her situation.

Hayden has become a super-whore after death.  She's banging ghosts left and right.  She even tries to seduce Tate.  LoL.  Marcy the real estate agent is certifiable.  Vivien is seriously losing her shit, and Ben stops ignoring it.  When she tries to shoot him, he brings in the men in the white coats, and Vivien is off to the mental ward!

Next week?  Constance confronts Tate, there's lots more banging, and too much talk about the Pope!  Looking forward to it.