Monday, November 28, 2011

The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 7

So for some reason I totally missed the memo that The Walking Dead is going to be on hiatus until February.  Seriously, February??  I don't usually get too attached to shows, but I'm going to miss this nonsense on Sunday nights.

As previewed last week, Rick is begging Herschel to the point of embarrassment.  At this point, why don't they just take over the farm?  I mean I understand they're trying to be nice and considerate, but these are a house-full of people that have never killed a zombie or left the little bubble of their precious farm.  They are totally useless.  Glenn, unable to keep the secret any longer, tells the group about the barn zombies.  This infuriates Maggie, who cracks an egg on his head.  Waste of an egg if you ask me.

Darryl recovers from his injuries incredibly quickly and sets out to look for Sophia.  However, even her mom is losing hope at this point that girlfriend is going to be found alive, if at all.  This frustrates Darryl.  Andrea has done a complete 180 and is now the most helpful of the bunch, sharpening knives, mastering weapons and volunteering for everything.  She's just about to set off with Rick when they are interrupted by Herschel, who needs help.
Rick takes off with Herschel.  Oh, Herschel.  You have seriously lost your shit.  Apparently when zombies come wandering around the farm, they capture them like stray dogs instead of shooting them.  Much time is spent rounding up the two zombies and herding them back towards the barn.

This episode brings the firestorm we've all been waiting for.  Dale incites Shane by taking the guns and hiding them.  Shane has other plans, looking to arm the group and stage a rebellion.  Dale threatens to shoot Shane, which we all know he doesn't have the balls to do.  The entire group spots Rick and Herschel wrangling zombies and this is the last straw for their fragile community.  Challenging Herschel's claim that they are just "sick people," Shane shoots a zombie repeatedly (not in the head) and the thing just keeps on coming.  Why, Herschel, could you say these things were sick if they could keep lunging at you after being pumped full of bullets?!

Herschel says "that's enough."  Shane agrees, and puts a bullet in the zombie's head.  He breaks down the door to the barn, and the zombie-killing group stands like a firing squad as the zombies exit en masse.  Herschel watches in shock as they gun down all of his family and friends.  However, in the background, Maggie encourages Glenn to shoot.  There's mostly silence after the shooting, but we hear a small moan.  One more zombie left?  Yep, and no other than Sophia herself.  Some said this was predictable, but I found it to be pretty surprising.  The emotions were covered very well, as most of the group stands like a deer in headlights, or breaks down hysterically.  Rick challenges Shane's claim that he's getting soft by marching right towards Sophia and ending her life. 

And now we can think on that for the next two months.  Great mid-season finale.


Anonymous said...

I wasn’t expecting Sophia to come out of the barn like that either, at the very least now we know where she is. The comics and TV series have been favorites of mine, I can’t live without them! As a customer and employee of DISH Network, I can say that I enjoy The Walking Dead on AMC in HD. I can’t wait until February to see what happens to the group after such a tragic ending.

Sara said...

I too was surprised by Sohpia's exit from the barn. I guessed they'd conclude that storyline somehow (considering how a huge part of the story the ENTIRE season was based on it) unlike some of the others that went unanswered. I was in complete shock when Sophia stumbled out, and I felt really connected to the characters at that moment. It was really beautiful in a heartbreaking way, poor Carol! Anyways, I read your blog often and recently caught up on the entire season on NYE (yay, marathon!) so I had to come back to see your commentary about the episodes! :)