Monday, October 31, 2011

The Walking Dead Season 2 - Episode 3

I am officially obsessed with Shane.  When he was shaving his head in the bathroom I nearly died.  It's definitely a good look for him.  Also, I don't think my husband is going to watch this show with me anymore, because when I'm not lusting over Shane, I'm lamenting about why Andrea and Daryl haven't banged yet.  You know that shit is just bound to happen.  All this hotness is just detracting me from the zombies, which is the point of this show.

*Spoilers ahead as per usual!*  Carl continues to die, but now wakes up occasionally and has seizures.  Rick wants to give him more blood, but he's already pretty weak from all the donations he's been doing.  Is NO ONE in this house O negative?  Seriously I find this very hard to believe. 

T-Dog and Glenn make the hike to the doctor's house to get some treatment for T-Dog's messed-up arm.  Dale refuses to leave the RV that he's strangely attached to, and Andrea and Daryl go to search for Sophia, while Carol cries and sobs and just generally doesn't help anybody. 

Otis and Shane are running from the zombies at the school, and once again, it was stupid to bring a fat dude on this excursion.  Shane is sort of adopting an attitude of every man for himself, and I guess that's what happens when you bang your friend's wife and then also try to rape her.  I'm having a lot of conflict regarding Shane because he's so sexy but also just sort of heartless as well.  Long story short, Otis is zombie chow and Shane gets the respirator back to dying Carl. 

I've also thought that skinny bitch Lori was pretty unlikeable, and she gets even worse in this episode.  As her son starts to slip away and her husband gives basically all his blood to him, she muses about how maybe the kid would be better off dead.  Um, wtf?  Maybe you would be better off dead, Lori.

Of course they weren't going to let Carl croak on this show, so he inevitably gets saved.  Meanwhile little Sophia is still missing, but Andrea and Daryl find an awesome hanging zombie.  Andrea is annoying me a little less in this episode, and Daryl is becoming a pretty hot redneck.  Liked this episode, and looking forward to next week. 

P.S. For Walking Dead recaps that are even more snarky than mine, check out Lainey Gossip which literally makes me LoL!


Shaun said...

I know last week Otis would be a snack, I just didn’t know how he would become it, I was a little shocked by it though. People talk about how Shane is becoming more like a villain, but I think in the world that has been laid out before them, you need to be more of a survivalist, like Shane is becoming, I think in our world it is hard to think or sacrificing the fat guy that would make a good snack for a lot of zombies so that the skinny guy and the kid can survive. Kind of a callous way of looking at it, but in that type of situation what would you have done? Left him and the supplies behind? Or shoot him take the supplies and run for hills? This show is the only reason that I hate working nights at DISH, how am I supposed to stay on top of it if I work so late, and go to school all day, I never have time to turn the television on. Although someone left me a “wash me” in the dust, it was me, but I like to forget I did it so I can blame someone else. So I got caught up in the computer lab at school today watching on dish online, and it’s hard to explain to people when you scream out LUNCH! Randomly why you are saying it, but all in all, this is a great show, even at its snail pace.