Thursday, November 3, 2011

American Horror Story (2011 TV Series) Episode 5

*Spoilers ahead, because there's no way to talk about this bananas show without giving stuff away!*

It's still Halloween in this episode.  So is is safe to assume that pretty much everyone in or around the vicinity of the Harmon house is a ghost?  After failing to get Adelaide back on the lawn before she died for good, Constance has to accept the fact that her daughter is gone.  Apparently feeling bad for not letting her wear makeup on Halloween, she somewhat calmly applies it to her corpse, which seems ineffective.  She also tells Violet what we've all known for a while, that Tate is her son, and is "very sensitive," which may be the understatement of the year.

Back to Violet and Tate, who dominate much of this episode.  After being spooked by Larry screaming through the peephole, Violet narrowly dodges the dude in the S&M suit and heads up to her room, where Tate throws rocks at her window.  He's ready to take her on their date outside of the basement, so that means he's alive, right?  Well, not exactly....I'll explain later. 

Violet and Tate go to the beach, where things get hot and heavy.  Violet's ready to get it in, but wait.  Tate has issues.  He claims from medication.  I'm betting ghosts can't smush!  He waxes all stoner-like about Kurt Cobain and being trapped and I sort of stop listening until a smattering of high school clique members show up on the beach.  We've got jocks, cheerleaders, goths, and nerds, and they've all been shot at close range.  Violet thinks these are costumes, but we know better!  Tate is accused of being a Columbine-wannabe, but he just cries like a little bitch and says he doesn't know these people.  Is there an evil twin running around?  They worry about getting back by midnight, and I wonder if they are vampires.

Back at the Harmon house, Vivien does not seem at all fazed that a hospital tech fainted after peeping her demon baby.  She decides to take a bath and once again tells Ben to move out.  Hayden calls from the grave and flits around the house, filling in everyone on graphic details of her and Ben's sex life.  Truths are revealed, and Ben better get a shovel out (ha!) because he just keeps digging himself deeper and deeper.  Ben is tired of Krueger Jr. hanging around and he takes that shovel and smacks him with it.  I am getting sick of that guy and his freaky eye.  I'm thinking they reused the makeup from Mason Verger on him and it's starting to bug me.

Halloween is ending and as all the characters from this show shuffle back to the Murder House, I remember Adelaide's words from last week's ep, that all the dead can walk free on Halloween.  So that's why everyone was out and about!  Andddd now they have to all go back to haunting the happy Harmon family.  They know these suckers don't have enough money to move out! 

Previews for next week get us in a Rosemary's Baby type mood, and I personally love the fact that they're filling this show with little homages to the horror genre.  I am loving this show, and the characters keep getting better each week!  Yay, AHS!