Thursday, October 27, 2011

American Horror Story (2011 TV Series) Episode 4

OMG WTF is going on in American Horror Story?  Ryan Murphy has seriously taken allllll the crazy from every season of Nip/Tuck and rolled it into this bananas show.  *Spoilers Ahead*  When we last checked in with the AHS family, Vivien was knocked up, and so was Ben's mistress, Hayden.  Of course, this was unacceptable to the good doctor, and he let the crazy burn victim, Larry, knock Hayden in the noggin, and he buried her under a brand new gazebo.  Of course, Krueger Jr. wants to be paid for his efforts and keeps swinging by the house with a trick or treat bucket, demanding $1K.  Now it's really hard to tell who's real and a ghost in this show, and my husband thinks that dude is really since he traipses around the city, but I think he's a ghost.  But I suppose a ghost wouldn't need $1000.  Anyway, I used to find this guy annoying and lame, but in this episode he was pretty freakin' scary.

We get more background on the horror house, both from the perspective of the doctor who originally built it, and the gay couple who lived in it before the Harmons.  As to be expected, the selling of the house is not going so well, and their crappy realtor brings in some "fluffers" to help stage the residence. Of course, the fluffers are none other than the dead gay couple, so obviously they are ghosts too.

Meanwhile, things are hot and heavy between Violet and Tate, but she is getting frustrated since they only hook up in the creepy basement and never get to go out.  He promises to take her out on their next date.  I'm sure this will somehow involve ghosts and murder, but we shall see.  Adelaide (Constance's daughter) is creepier than ever, and has now taken to hiding under beds and scary people.  She is also having a whispering little convo with Constance's latest boy-toy and Mommy Dearest is none too happy.  Adelaide expresses her desire to be a "pretty girl" for Halloween, instead of her typical Snoopy costume.  Constance has zero desire for her disabled daughter to look pretty in any way, especially if it means she might steal her man.  This lady is wack.

Finally, it's Halloween and the Tates are trying to make the house look awesome so that the parents of trick-or-treaters might want to buy it, or tell their friends, or something else that's probably not going to happen.  Gayness abounds as they create a "bobbing station" and 1/2 of the gay couple offers to perform favors for Ben.  He has a mistress, a saucy maid, and he's getting propositioned by gays now?  I mean, he's hot but he's no Jason Stackhouse, if you know what I mean.  Vivien's having labor pains, and when the tech in the emergency room peeps the so-called baby, she passes out.  Violet's not as fearless as she seems, and Hayden has risen from the grave, looking all Night of the Living Dead.  Can't WAIT for next week!